Monday, August 31, 2009


I came across a couple things today I just can't help posting about.

One is Inna Leonova. She was a gymnast who was supposed to go to the olympics and decided to join the circus instead. I saw her number on television this evening and was blown away by her beauty, sensuality and her strength.

Her "costume" is white, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. In the video I found her hair is cropped very short. however in the clip I saw it was long, past her shoulders and she only let it down at the end.

The second video came up while I was looking for more recent videos of Inna Leonova. Strange how such random things come up. But this must be an old grindhouse flick. I know nothing about it. I haven't done any research on it. But it intrigues me.

Completely different, and even contrasting. But that's me. a split personality ;)

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Leonhart said...

I'm pretty sure I saw that chick's pubes in the first clip.

Yours maturely,