Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday orgasms

Rob was supposed to ignore me all weekend. He was supposed to play golf and forget about me for Saturday and Sunday. I found myself pouring my thoughts out to both Floyd and my best friend through emails about both bf and Rob. Without work to distract me I've been thinking about him constantly again. I got myself off twice Saturday morning thinking about him. I wake up and I've had dreams about it, I'm wet when I wake up.  I tried to find my g-spot and couldn't and it was frustrating but I came anyhow. I just wanted to feel what he made me feel so badly I guess. But I wasn't getting it. Maybe I can't reach it.

The second time I didn't even try to find it. I just had to get myself off again.

Then this afternoon as I was emailing Floyd and my best friend, I got an email from Rob. He was just saying hi. We exchanged about 10 emails before I admitted to wanting to get off again. And he told me to go on skype so that he could help.

On Skype we couldn't cam so it was just him typing words, I was on the bed watching the words flow on the screen, his typical amazing one word after another list, bringing bright blinding flashes of images, memories into my mind this time. It was the first time he had gotten me off since we met up. It was crazy strong, so strong I was in tears by the end. I'm not sure what brought them on. They didn't last, but it was an overall outpouring of emotion probably.

He asked me when we could fuck again. It's too early to think about that. I can't think about that now. But I can't help it. I'd leave tomorrow if I could.

I had yet another orgasm while in bed next to bf. I was still hot from Rob's writing I guess. That makes 4 in one day.


ebony panther said...

Maybe Rob should come visit Italy. It would certainly make things a little easier on you.

Infidelity Chronicles said...

Sadly I can't seem to get to my own gspot either...if I could, I would so not need men! ;) -Jules

Johanna said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful - and perhaps too intense. Not 4, I love that. But the thoughts constantly whirring, and not knowing what the next step is.

Cande said...

Ebony: I wish, but it's not as easy as it might sound.

Jules: no kidding!!! haha

Johanna: it is wonderful and much too intense. I haven't heard from him today at all and it's a bit of a relief although a disappointment at the same time.

Advizor54 said...

Don't feel bad, I can't find my G-spot either.