Wednesday, May 4, 2011

work and week

I had a week off this week, but was called to do a job at the last minute. I am constantly high on adrenaline with this job, and exhausted at the same time. I work for a few hours interpreting in the afternoon, while in the morning I've been working frantically to finish a translation I have due next monday.

In the meantime I talked to Co-worker and even Andy a bit last weekend. I caught Co-worker on Gmail chat and chatted him up on some business from the previous week together at work. But at a certain point we got on the topic of being "good" and he said something about being a little bastard. When I asked him why he said that we should talk about it in person... whatever that means.

Andy on the other hand was involved in a little music conversation on FB, and something about age came out... I don't really even remember what it was, it probably wasn't very important. But I found out that he's 38... I honestly thought he was younger than that...

I then thought that maybe Co-worker said something to Andy. I wonder....

I don't know if I'll see Co-worker this week... I had an opportunity on Tuesday, but he couldn't make it to lunch. Sooo we'll see him monday.

As for Rob, I've only really heard from him via txt message or email so nothing much new there.

Sex... well yeah I got some more that day... It was a good day for sex :)


Michael said...

Coworker and Andy .... mmm ... the future is still cloudy ... I'm thinking CoW is just a tease, Andy may be a firmer bet ... but nothing to lose by keeping exploring.


Johanna said...

I was thinking the exact same thing as Michael - that co-worker seems to be all about teasing, but Andy could be something different. I like his age... someone mature, who knows what he wants, wouldn't that be perfect. Or am I just fantasizing freely now? Or daydreaming, even? lol