Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts from Camden.

This was written a few days after meeting up from Camden Town market. There may be a few concepts that I've already written about but it's mostly new stuff.


I'm sitting on a bench in Camden Town. It's huge here. I had no idea. I walked around a fair amount but my mind keeps wandering back to... well it's probably obvious.

Rob and I have talked a few times in the past few days both on the phone and on chat through Skype. Some of the texts he has sent have had me crying or close to it. They're not really tears of sadness either. It's always a combination of things. Relief that he is thinking about things and the knowledge that it's not just me. But also the beauty of hearing things like "I can still smell you on my skin" (the day after), that he'll never forget it, and that I'm an amazing person.

In the market though, wandering the stalls and shops, my mind slips back to scenes of Rob telling me to kneel on the floor.
We had been at it for over an hour, a hundred different positions, from the bed to the desk (where the mirror was), two orgasms of my own, then the polite order to kneel on the floor, almost whispered. Down on the floor I went, his cock gliding in and out of my mouth. He would grab my head lightly but firmly, carefully even, and force himself in further, setting my gag reflex off. I knew it would. No matter, I wanted it.
Then he asked if I was ready. He was going to cum, it was time. I was on my knees on the floor completely naked in front of him, staring up at him, waiting, watching, yearning.
It was an amazing sensation. The feeling of his hot cum covering my body. I've never, ever, experienced anything like it. There was so much I was drenched. It dripped down over my tits, down my front. It was on my neck and shoulders. He even managed to get the desk beside us. As I rubbed it in, I was completely slick, shiny and wet, from my shoulders down to my belly. It was so much I laughed, we laughed, I hadn't been expecting that much, he had warned me, but I had no way of understanding. It was amazing.


Ethan Lambert said...

Okay, first: that story was so incredibly hot my head hurts.

Second: I can't BELIEVE you finally had sex with Rob! And I'm so glad it was everything you thought and more. Honestly I was a little concerned that after years of build up it was going to be something of a let down, but I'm glad to hear it was amazing.

So. Any more thoughts on what's next with the BF? In comparison he's sounding pretty intolerable right now.

Rob said...

That was my greatest fear too......

Cande said...

I think we were all worried. But it was definitely worth finding out.

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

This sounds so amazingly hot, I'm glad you experienced it. Such moments are rare and definitely a memory that you will always secretly
fondly remember. So glad all went how you expected it and more :)