Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Before I leave.

He's on my nerves.. Bf... I can't stand him these days. I know I always go through these periods. But recently it's been really really annoying. I can't say anything without him jumping on my back.

The trip to North America is becoming a nightmare because of him. He finds all sorts of stupid excuses for not doing things or he just makes situations really complicated when they're not. On occasion he says that he doesn't want to come and that he's just spending money to do whatever the hell I want. I know he'd rather be off on some tropical island swimming than visiting my home country and seeing my family. I don't really blame him. But my grandmother is over 90 and I'd like to see her before she passes away. And I really need to see some friends.

Well andy is getting his own paragraph now... He caught me on Facebook last night and asked how I was. He invited me to a "reggae night" at a club in a town about an hour away. He and Co-worker are going tomorrow night.  I said I'd think about it but I already know I won't be going. I wish... And I kinda told him that.
He was kidding around saying "always with the bf, we need to do more tequila drinking!"

I wonder.... I wonder what he thinks...


I can't say he has been ignoring me, but it's been pretty close. He did pat me on the head today while I was on the computer today. But there was definitely no flirting.

He did say something about the girls he loves, brown hair green eyes (his gf) and blond with blue eyes... (me)

I've been running around like a chicken with her head cut off the past few days, getting a whole slew of stuff done, including 2 translations, picking up stuff for a friend over in London, got to dye my hair again, picking up some Pounds for when I get there... checking with the bank to make sure I have money on my card.

I haven't even had time to think about anything let alone have things take over my brain and command me not to do something... Plus with the way I feel with bf these days I just really need OUT.

Righto... I hope to get another post in before Saturday... but if I don't I'll post from the UK....oooohhhh ahhhhh... man....


Johanna said...

Ahhh I'd be really upset too... let him go to a tropical island if that's what he'd rather do! You go, and you enjoy yourself. I've never understood those that have the enormous privilege of living with a person with another culture, country, food and language, without appreciating it and taking every opportunity to get to know the other person's background.

And about your trip to the uk... I'm probably not as excited as you are, but pretty close! Please update often...

Michael said...

Here's hoping for very good luck in England. I know you are, but it needs to be said ... be ready for anything


the late phoenix said...

ah, the uk and japan, those are my two favorite dreams.

good luck with everything!

Cande said...

Johanna: you're right, that's exactly my thoughts. He should be curious... I don't get the indifference.
Don't worry I'll be updating as soon and as often as I can!

Mike: Thanks I appreciate it. It's always good to have a reminder.

Pheonix: I'd love to see Japan for sure.... best wait on that though!

Anonymous said...

Well, your bf seems like a dick. You need to get rid of his ass and find someone who treats you good.

Remember do as i say not as i do.

Osbasso said...

And what part of this continent will you be visiting?

Cande said...

Joe: you could be right... but for now I need to "try" to make it work.... he hasn't done anything terrible yet.

Os: it's a secret.... mostly north north a little south... NY for sure, SF for sure and a tour of my homeland :)