Monday, June 11, 2012

Eyes don't lie

So for those of you who were wondering what I finally decided to do, I sent the pictures, a whole slew of them. I sent them this morning and by afternoon I got a text asking what he'd deserved to get such yummy pictures. 
I just answered that I was missing him. He was free that afternoon, I was working, I got off work early but then he didn't come on line before I had to be home so we missed each other. 
Still it was nice to hear from him and hear how much he enjoyed the pics.

Co-worker seemed ecstatic to see me today, who knows why. After what happened last week I admit I was a little confused. I guess the time over the weekend calmed his nerves a bit. He even gave me his evil grin and showed me his middle finger... Code he used in greece to tell me I was looking good to him or something. It should be an interesting week. 

The Rest
My mood has improved, a little, especially because of Rob and of course getting back to work is always better for me. But there's still that nagging feeling I need to get a move on. 
I found out today that one of my not so close friends has cancer. It makes me sad. She's a strong woman but I saw her very very morally low. Me and a mutual friend tried to cheer her up, but it's hard when you aren't 100% yourself either.... Ugh I feel terrible saying that, I have nothing compared to what she's going through.

Intimacy again
I was thinking about intimacy again after answering some comments on my recent intimacy post. I think it sounds a little silly, but to be honest part of the connection for me is in the eyes. There's no joke saying that eyes are a mirror of a person's soul. The look that I saw in Rob's eyes that last morning during sex in Birm was similar to the look on his face on the last morning of our first overnight meeting.  And we weren't having sex that last morning. We were just biding our time, waiting for check-out time. 

Fact is, it may not be mutual. It may be just my perception of things. But for now I have to say that you need that eye contact to make the deepest connection. It may not be the only connection and it certainly isn't the only type of intimacy there is. But eyes don't lie.

It also connects in with Co-Worker because he often stops in front of me and looks me straight in the eyes. It's not the same kind of connection, it's less intimate, but you can feel the electricity bouncing off our skin when he does that.


ebony panther said...

You're right. The eyes don't lie. Hips don't lie, either. Shakira & Wyclef taught me that :)

Anonymous said...

Intimacy = a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group.

we love you too

also we haven't seen you naked since 1st Dec 2011, just thought I'd mention it.