Monday, June 4, 2012

Singin a Tune

Bf is most likely going away this week with some friends for a few days. I'm happy that he's going. I want/need some space alone. Problem is that Rob won't be around much this week at all. He's working TONS and this week is also full of holidays and random stuff he needs to to I guess. 

Maybe I'll paint or do something artistic... hm

There were things I was going to blog about... important thoughts that had come to me, but they have completely vanished from my brain and now I'm sitting trying to remember what they were.

I sat this weekend and learned to play OkGo's Needing Getting on the piano. I have even taped myself singing it with the piano as a gift to Rob, I'll give it to him later this week... at some point. I wanted to give him something in exchange for the birthday gifts he sent me and the Heart Shaped box he sang for me. I figured it was a fair and nice exchange. I didn't sing the whole song. I cut the first verse out started with the second and I play the bridge in between the two verses. 

"I've been sitting around, wasting my time 
Wondering what you've been doing.
Aw, and it ain't real forgiving 
it ain't real forgiving
Sitting here picturing someone else living

And I still need you, what good's that gonna do?
Cause needing is one thing and getting, gettin's another.

So I've been hoping for months
Hoping for years
Hoping I might forget
Aw, but it don't get much dumber
Don't get much dumber 
Than trying to forget a guy(girl) when you love him(her)

And I, yeah, I still need you, but what good's that gonna do?
Needing is one thing, and getting, gettin's another"

I figure it gives a pretty good sense of how I feel most days. I love him but I can't actually have him. It's a relatively happy tune, but still conveys that sense of desperate need that I get at times. 

OkGo's version is fantastic... if you haven't seen the video you need to check it out, and yes, it's all real.

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ebony panther said...

It is a rather excellent song and they always make great videos.