Monday, June 18, 2012

What She Wants

The trick is to drag it out as slowly as possible. I'm sure it's the same for most people but I make a ritual of it when the bf isn't home. I wish he would make a ritual of it at times. Not always, just on occasion. I crave ritual. It makes me wet. I just love the anticipation and the build-up.

Today, for example, it started with putting on make-up. I never, or rarely wear any make-up in public. I love playing with it though. I love mixing and creating on my own face. It's a bit like a blank canvas.

Today it was the dirty blond with smokey eyes and dark red lips that came out to play. I needed someone agressive and naughty. I have been in a shitty mood, had arguments with the bf and am feeling a little weak. So The dominatrix came out to play today, the woman who would whip you, tie you up and make you beg to have her suck your cock.

She's a slut, but would pin you to the wall by your neck if you told her that to her face. Then, she might go down on you.

She wears knee high black leather boots, corsets and black lace panties. Her hair is worn high on her head in a savage, messy ponytail that cascades onto her shoulders.

She wants a fight and she picks one specifically to get you to try to dominate her. She wants to wrestle and force you to take over. She wants to put up a fight while you pin her to the table and take out your agression on her body.

She's angry and her only desire is to be fucked into submission. She wants to be fucked with everything you've got to give her. She wants your cock so deep inside her that it makes her eyes water. She expects her mouth to be fucked so deep she can't breathe, so she comes up gasping for air. She wants your hand around her ponytail pulling and forcing her head back and obviously forth. She will run her blood red nails down your legs, scratching to make you stop but expects you to continue.

She wants to be misused, abused and treated like hell and she will try to do the same to you. She will put up a fight, because it's the fight she's after. It's what makes her cum.


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

Mmm-hmmm... this is a real face of female sexuality and I get why you were worried about it being harsh, but I also get the thrill it was meant to give me.

Complicated we are. (In Yoda speak.)

Cande said...

Lol, Complicated indeed! Sometimes I wish women were simpler.... like men... Men don't go through all this mental angst about sex do they?
Ah well....

ebony panther said...

We definitely don't go through the same angst. This is quite possibly the hottest thing you've ever written. She needs to come out to play on your blog more.

Cande said...

Thanks Ebony! She'll be back I'm sure. For now she's in the next post that is DEFINITELY worth waiting for ;)

Tom said...

Oh my... I had no idea.