Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mas o Meno / More or Less

As much as things have been good the past few days I've got a sort of cloud over my head. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I'm just assuming it's my day to day situation.

The good things in the past few days have been:
-The possibility to talk to Rob a few times.
-Bought concert tickets for a band that I've been hoping to see for AGES
-Talking to good friends throughout the week.
-Work is good, Co-Worker is normal, not too flirty, just normal.
-Blog has an average of 70 visits a day. I'm pretty happy about that. So thanks to the followers!
-Summer is almost here, it is hot enough to wear tank tops and skirts.

Negative things:
-Bf has been a little over affectionate these days and I'm just not feeling it with him. He hasn't really tried to make a move on me, sexually, in ages, and I haven't really been up to initiating except when he's not around.
-I'm still relatively fed up with technology these days and I force myself not to check my email or social networks too often.
-I'm constantly thinking about a studio space. I have ideas I need to get out.
-I feel sometimes (often) like I'm a terrible influence on the people around me. I corrupt people and lure them into situations they have some wish to be in but that perhaps isn't what they really want. It's most common with my girlfriends, but also with the men I befriend. They are participants, but I find that my influence is crucial to their decisions. Sometimes (often) I feel guilty about their decisions... I am projecting my own subconscious feelings... That's what my father would say.


Michael said...

Well if I may, I'd like to suggest some mas o meno for you-us - since it's hot weather, corrupt us with a sexy pic ... it's been a while


Advizor54 said...

<----- Eagerly raising hand, "Corrupt Me! Corrupt me!!"...... Oh wait....

Never mind, I just read my blog.

I'm still pushing for the studio space. Being able to work on the projects you feel passionately about will do wonders for the cloud over your head. I have a wood shop in my garage, and when i can pull out all my tools and have them ready every day (instead of pushing them to the side so the car can fit in) is so nice. I wake up, step in to the shop, and work. It's fantastic. You would LOVE the freedom it brings to have your own space, and, if you need a Patron, you know where to find me.

And as for technology? Taking a break is a good idea. Just don't go too far away.

Anonymous said...

go on, delete your social media connection with the world and wait in the dark like me for the next media revolution that will hopefully pull us out of the passive updating and into activity changing the world around us.

tank tops and bikinis.... that's a summer treat

and yea, feel free to try to make me do bad things

ebony panther said...

I'm with Advizor on all points.