Saturday, June 23, 2012


I'm worried.  The artist/musician that I've mentioned in posts before, the one whose blog I stumbled on a while back now, has broken up with his "new" girlfriend. He has been drawing and posting his pictures on FB but they are manic and very depressive, some (one in specific) alluding to suicide.

Today though, on his blog, he wrote a simple sentence finishing with "you killed me". I just hope he hasn't done anything stupid.

I think I may be the only person that knows him who reads his blog. He wrote the post at 2am this morning local time west coast North America. It's now late morning and there's been no sign of him on FB.... could be normal I suppose... It's Saturday.

Man... I have no way of getting in touch with anyone around him apart from sending emails or private messages on FB to his friends.... I doubt that's the thing to do.

I guess I'll just wait.... and see what happens.

Here's to hoping.

**update, he's fine... He posted on fb... Ugh.. Thank goodness. **


ebony panther said...

Great. I'm glad he's ok. Breaking up with someone is never a good reason to do harm to yourself.

Siren in Stilettos said...

I'm glad I read this after your update! I'd have been so worried as well. :o(

Advizor54 said...

I'm glad he's back. It's nice to know.

Osbasso said...

Back in my earliest days of blogging I had a friend who attempted suicide, complete with the warning signs in her posts. Fortunately, her soon-to-be ex found her and they were able to pump her stomach before there was too much damage done.

So when she posted a couple of similar posts a few months later, I didn't hesitate to contact the sheriff's dept. Do you have any idea how hard it is to call 911 when you're 2/3 of a country away? Anyway, when I got ahold of someone, and had to explain that I suspected there might be a problem from reading her blog, the dispatcher told me that an ambulance was already on its way, because someone else from online made the same call!

Good news all around--they saved her, she got some counseling, and is doing quite well now!

Cande said...

Thanks guys for the wonderful comments.

Os: That is exactly what I feared, I was entirely worried, but I think I was right to wait in this case. He has a kid and I bet on him loving his kid over his own life and I was right.

It is definitely scary. Being on another continent doesn't help either. I'm not sure what I'd have done if I was sure something horrible like that was going to happen.