Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So I met Rob online today, it was pure chance though, he wasn't expecting me to be free and I wasn't expecting him to be online. It was a quick getting me off, although I had just gotten myself off not 10 minutes before he texted me. I was expecting the bf to be back at any minute too so it was sort of naughty and dangerous. Thankfully the bf didn't come back and I got off quick while Rob just watched.

Fact is that he wants me to talk, and I want to learn to talk but I don't know what I should say. I sometimes know what I'd like to say but I get so f#@ing shy that I can't get a word out.

I'm not sure how to go about training myself either, because I want to overcome this thing. I'm not even sure why I fear speaking so much.

There have been times when I could get some things out.... but it sort of stops there. I need help.... any suggestions?

Serious ones....

What do men like to hear?


Michael said...

Why don't you start off describing to him how you felt when he did "x" in B'ham, how you loved what he was doing, how you loved what you were doing to him, how you loved his reaction to "y" ... you get the idea. Start with a very real memory, then take it from there.


Johanna said...

"What do men like to hear" is the wrong question, I think. "What are you thinking" is probably better. There are all these thoughts going through your mind as you get close to climaxing... sometimes perhaps images of him, or the two of you... sometimes pure fantasy... or something you've read about or watched... in this case perhaps you could have said that you were feeling scared of getting caught, and that it was turning you on (and, of course, just how it made you feel). Whatever you're thinking about in that moment, just say it - paint a picture. It's really hard to say those thoughts out loud, but pretty sexy too. I never have with anyone before I started talking with S, it's really difficult but very liberating (the more honest I manage to get, the more liberating I find it to be). If Rob knows you have a hard time speaking he'll probably understand if you only speak one or two sentences to start with, just set the scene. I myself find that my mind is much quicker than my words, so I'll only say a fraction. Still liberating. Sometimes I need to go quiet and focus though - in the most vulnerable moments my ability to multitask seem to completely vanish ;)

ebony panther said...

I agree with what Johanna & Michael. Maybe fore you talk while having sex, try just talking to him about your day or stuff like that. During sex, just say whatever comes to mind. You know, what you did to him, what he did to you, what you guys want to do to each other.