Friday, June 3, 2011

The bet.

We made a bet. Kinda... well we were in the middle of determining it when his gf came home. We were betting whether we could stay away from each other, emails, blogs, skype, texts until monday. I'll loose. I'm sure of it. I will try though, we probably need the break.

I'll probably end up posting every 5 minutes instead... I've already been posting basically twice a day already.

So Rob and I met up on line yesterday. It was..... HOT... yeah sweaty and sticky and dripping and just plain yummy.
I came three times, my arm and hand are still aching.

I had sex with bf last night too. It all started with me slipping bf's thumb between my lips and licking it lightly. It was residue from what I wanted to do to Rob. But this time with Bf apart from that I was able to concentrate on the sex with him. Only problem is that my orgasms are much less intense than they were. I'm sure it'll come back. But at the moment the physical memory, or rather my body's memory of Rob's cock inside me is too strong still. The way his cock filled me, how deep I could feel him, my body won't get over that too fast.


Advizor54 said...

The boyfriend should count himself lucky as long as Rob keeps winding you up and setting you loose at home.

I'm glad you are still having fun! It's good to hear that your mood is improving.

Ethan Lambert said...

Be careful about maintaining that physical connection with and desire of BF if you intend on staying with him. I've met very few couples who could make it work if they were going through the motions and yearning for somebody else. And with the home life still rocky, you two don't have much to stand fall back on if the sex life becomes another point of disappointment.

We can't control who we do and don't want I know, I'm just saying be careful about how long you stay if you lose the physical part of it on top of everything else. You're an awesome person, and I'd hate to see you stuck in relationship purgatory.

Cande said...

Advizor: still having fun... sure.... but the highs are high and the lows are low.

Ethan: You're absolutely right. At times I already feel like I'm in relationship purgatory.