Wednesday, June 1, 2011

late night

If I had a cock, it would be bulging and hard... I'm not a guy though, and I have a hole. It gets wet, and my clit often feels like it's going to explode, but apart from fluids, there really isn't much to show for being super horny.

Sometimes I wish I had more proof. There are times when I'm so worked up that I think I'll literally go insane. Today (basically yesterday now) was one of those days.

I had sex with bf that I mentioned in my post in the morning. Then I was supposed to be working on my translation and I was constantly distracted. By the time afternoon rolled by I had exchanged various emails with Rob and he had me so hot, so wet, so horny that I couldn't stand the feel of my jeans against my clit. Bf dragged me off to three shops and all I wanted to do was get on skype to have Rob fuck my mind silly.

I bought a pair of black strappy sandals with a little heel, very sexy...

Bf will not leave me alone. He's constantly nearby, constantly keeping close. We watched Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind"

Now that bf has gone to bed I want to get off, but I don't know how. I just want Rob's cock inside me.

I don't even want to watch porn. I feel like it might ruin the images I have seared onto my brain.

So here's what I do:
I pull up the pic of his cock... the one he sent me this afternoon. I can see his perfect head, the ridges and veins, his hand gripping the base, and the drop of precum barely visible on the tip.
I lay back on the couch and I undo my jeans, slip my hand in over my panties, but my jeans are tight. Pushing my jeans down to my thighs, I can open my legs just enough, my fingers work circles around my clit over the cotton. With my other hand, my fingers feel the wetness, the dip, the cave, pushing the fabric in, feeling it give. My fingers work faster, circles, my other hand sneaks in beside my panties, moving them barely to the side, to slip the tip of my finger in. The lips of my pussy part, ever so slightly. I can feel everything, in the most minute detail. I'm so sensitive it won't take long for me to cum. My fingers move from my clit to slip under, to touch myself directly on my skin, I'm ready, the contrast will be drastic. First to my mouth, I wet my fingers, then back to my clit. I gasp, all I need is the tip of my finger inside me at first, but then the picture reminds me of how he filled me, and another finger creeps in beside the first, and then another. My other hand working frantically on my clit, my mouth widens, my breathing quickens, gasping, trying desperately not to make noise, I moan softly, and my body convulses, head back, eyes closed, I try to calm my breathing, my fingers slide out of me, keeping my fingers on my clit I can't stop, the orgasm hasn't subsided, I can make it last longer if I move carefully.

I could easily go again...


John said...

Was awake and feeling roughly the same way in male form, a delightful vision in my mind just formed so thanks for sharing!

Marcus said...

Loved the incredible details, I could sense the longing and need and the frustration that such intense arousal can bring.

Advizor54 said...

Seriously Cande, you have to warn us before a post like this. I need the paramedics near-by for this kind.