Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pneumonia and Greece???

My boss has pneumonia.... I've been working non stop, had to cancel private lessons these days too... I've got guests showing up tomorrow afternoon, and I can't even muster the energy to clean the house. There's so much that I need to do.

My boss has pneumonia and that's really a big thing for one massive reason. She organized a trip to Greece with Co-Worker to teach a mini 5 day course on one of the islands there. They were supposed to leave on the 26th to fly over. I'm pretty sure she can't fly that soon after pneumonia (if she recovers that quickly which is unlikely since she is an avid smoker), and this quite possibly will mean that I have to go with Co-worker instead.

Bf will not be happy if I end up going to a Greek island with Co-worker. And I am kinda afraid that the temptation will be strong... very strong. At the moment I don't really want anything to happen. I'm quite happy having kept my distance recently at work but the typical touching that we had in the past is slowly creeping back into our routine now that we're working so closely together these days.
I can't deny that I'm a little worried about it.


Advizor54 said...

This is horrible of me to say, but the scenario is very hot but, I know it couldn't come at a worse time.

You are a strong woman who can take care of herself and make good decisions. Co-worker is very different than whats-his-name in England. Maybe this is even a fun distraction from them both. I don't mean "wake up in bed together" distracting, but getting away for a non-sexual weekend full of good weather and hard work.

Can you invite BF along? Inviting him to come along shoes you want him there, but if he can't make it, well, you tried and, as they say, a woman has needs.

In seriousness, if you do go, talk to co-worker, acknowledge the flirting and touching and be up front about it. Tell him that you enjoy his company and attention but that it can't go any further on the trip. And then, no getting drunk, or tipsy, or horny. So, you know, no having fun. LOL

Johanna said...

I know what I'm about to say reeks of double standards. But the way I see it bf has no right to be jealous (if he doesn't know about the flirting, that is), so I wouldn't let that affect my decision if I were you. If he is, it's his problem and he should acknowledge it as such.

Greece for 5 days sounds absolutely lovely. Keep a cool head during the trip, do what feels right, don't do what doesn't, you'll be fine. Work, relax, have fun, enjoy.

ebony panther said...

Worried about it as in I might sleep with him or worried about it as in he might try something & I don't want to sleep with him?

Michael said...

I'm afraid, I don't see what the problem is at all. Two months ago this would have seemed like a gift from heaven (Greece with CoW). Just relax about the whole situation. Rob is in England, bf is in Italy, & you are in Greece. Emotionally, you should feel "free". I say let happen what will happen. (But on the reality side, I think CoW is all heat, no action)

Erosstories said...

No need to be worried... If you cannot avoid something, then enjoy it.
And believe us, if you are on a greek island, lying by the sea in your sexy bikini after work is over, you will find it hard to resist to you coworker or someone else that you will meet there.

Enjoy the vacation and the three s's:

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

I'm with Advizor, I would ask bf if he'd like to come along, even if you'll be working. If he cannot, you'll have tried. And just keep it cool with KW and see what happens, if you go to Greece at all.