Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I wish I could let out one of those blood curdling cries of frustration. I went to hospital this morning for my foot, yeah I still can't walk, and the doctor was pissed off because of another patient and he went and took it out on me and my foot. Not only did I have to deal with him, but also a disgruntled nurse who basically told me I was lying when I told her that people generally accepted my care card even if it needed renewing (my wallet had been stollen and the new one got lost).

Pricks... I sometimes wish I were in my native country, people jut try to act nicer in general.


lil said...

There are very few things as frustrating as the medical system!
I hope you got what you needed though.

Michael said...

Still not back on your feet? ... that's terrible. Get well, will you ... lots of things on your program, you know. How DO you say "prick" in Italian anyway?