Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet nap

I woke up this morning late, I managed to sleep in a little today, since I'm trying to rest my foot I haven't been going in to work as much as I normally do.
I was half sleeping, dreaming of Rob, I'd been thinking of him before going to sleep last night and woke up thinking about him. I was wet and all I wanted was for him to be there to watch me get off, maybe whisper something naughty into my headphones.
I texted Rob saying that I wanted help, I knew he was working though.
This afternoon I knew he was off work and decided to indulge myself in a little afternoon nap. I escaped the busy living room with family and I hid in the bedroom, stripped myself of my gym shorts, and my bra, and slid under the covers in just black panties and a white tank. I texted him that I was on and I waited. I knew it was unlikely that he'd join me, but I waited for an hour, teasing myself to pass the time, but eventually I couldn't resist.

Thoughts of him taking me from behind, head down on the bed, my wrists gripped firmly by his strong hands at my hips, making me utterly helpless, a feeling I love when I'm being fucked.
I imagined it slower than it actually went while in Nottingham. I imagined him slowly sliding in and back out, teasing me, not wanting to let me have his whole length. I would have to beg for it....
I came, needless to say... and then I fell asleep.

When I woke up the images were still in my mind. I wanted more, I was still dripping, so I turned to my phone. I pulled up some video on Youporn, something with a college girl blowing a college guy. The video was funny to begin with, it had humor to it. I giggled, then the fucking started, and she went down on him... his hands forcing her head down his shaft. Then him fucking her mouth, upside-down on the bed... I came again.


Advizor54 said...

:-) I would never, ever turn my phone off......What a great escape from your hectic day...and from mine.

Max said...

That's a sweet afternoon break. :-)

James said...

what a perfect break.