Thursday, October 27, 2011

So much yet so little

So much has been going on, yet so little.

There has been no news on the apartment front, and I am planning on moving back into the guest room for a few nights. Just because I need bf to understand that I haven't changed my mind about moving out. I am afraid though that I've been lax on things at home, especially on his understanding, so I will have to sit down with him and talk to him about it again.

I have changed my ways slightly as he has been at school every day learning English, he leaves at 7 am and comes home at around 8pm, so last night I went grocery shopping and made him dinner with candles and everything. He appreciated it and thanked me. This is something I'd never have done in the past. But I felt compelled since he is out all day.

Co-worker has been confusing, and there are days when I think that I've lost all interest or that he has lost all interest. That it would be totally WRONG to even tease because we're both in what seems to be a solid place.

But then, like yesterday, where he'd stare me down all morning, with eyes WIDE open, following my movements... being evident about it. I got flustered and smiled, I did try to ask him "What? What???" but he just stays quiet.

The touchy/feely flirting is coming back, and I'm just glad that things are back to normal with him.

I may have compromised that a bit though seeing as today I wrote him a text. It's complicated to explain. I used a common italian saying and translated it terribly into English, and sent it to him. The translated text said more or less "Dont' get mad but sometimes you tempt me". The translation into English (it made no sense in English but it made perfect sense if translated back into Italian) was so obviously wrong that it was funny and I was laughing at it as I wrote him the message. I even put a ;) face after the silly sentence.

Sadly though, he never wrote back. Poo on him.... I wonder if he's going to say something about it tomorrow. It annoys me when I text him and he doesn't write back. I don't get it. Last time I sent him a message with anything similar he got mad at me. So I admit I'm a little worried.

The rest (which isn't much)
I have a new friend. She's an american girl from New York and we went to Florence together last weekend. It was a weird day... very very weird. But I think I'll hold that story off for another day.

I have also received a few emails from the blogsphere that I have been terrible at answering, I promise as soon as I have an evening I'll sit down and answer those!! I feel terrible for procrastinating on those :( But as we all know around here, life gets in the way ;)


Advizor54 said...

Life is always getting in the way. I like that co-worket is paying attention again, you deserve some fun and flirty moments.

Anonymous said...

I've never thought to ask but what part of the united states are you originally from?


Cande said...

Not from the states... :) from Canada