Friday, October 21, 2011

Work, Taxes and the Boys of course.

I'm typing with a bandaid on a finger.... I just managed to slice my baby finger open.

Things have been UBER stressful and crazy the past week. Apart from the stress of breaking up, getting back together and trying to find apartments the week before last, this week has been exceptionally insane.

School started... I teach, so all of my evening classes started this week. On top of that the school has decided to integrate a new component into some of the regular courses making it very difficult for us teachers to manoever. In fact I think the school got ripped off. The "online" program they've decided to integrate sucks ass. The people who are running it are totally disorganized and well... I've been having to deal with all this at work considering I'm supposed to teach the students how to use the bloody thing.

Not only that but I've had semi personal problems with one of my teacher colleagues. I've been told by a friend that she is not doing her job the way she should. I've been stressing about how to tell this colleague to change the way she's doing things.

Then there's the Taxes. I got an email from back home saying that I owe 6000 dollars in taxes. The company who is dealing with some stuff back home scared the shit out of me saying that they could go out of business for errors like this. So I had to get on the computer to send them the money. For bureaucratic and technological problems it was really really complicated. Between having to raise the limit on my account for transfers, to banks being closed eastern time, to getting the wrong message on the internet banking site... I ended up sending the money twice... ARG... I was dealing with this while having an already stressful day between midnight and 2am because of the time difference. Joy...

On the positive side of things, strangely I'm in a relatively good mood.

I sent Rob a text yesterday asking him to cheer me up, because I was having a bad day. And he wrote back saying "I remember the groan you made when I kissed your neck before you undid my jeans to suck my cock".

That made my heart stop and yes I smiled, and I blushed even. I told him all of this and he simply wrote back: "Love you"

To which I responded "love you too"

Yesterday I had the opportunity, for the first time in ages, to have lunch with Co-worker. It was mostly awkward.... neither of us knew what to say to each other most of the time.
There was one thing though that happened that probably should have been my cue to say something, but I missed out, I didn't take it. He pointed to a painting on the wall where we were eating and just started counting down from three. I  immediately answered a name. And to explain briefly, the painting was an image from our trip to greece and I had three seconds to recognize it. We both think about greece on a pretty constant basis I think... considering the other day he mentioned a beach, and then yesterday the painting.

There was so much I'd have wanted to say. And I contemplate sending him a text just about every day, but then I never do.


Michael said...

it's time to begin building your next "life". Text him!


Ethan Lambert said...

I wonder what it is that stops you from taking things to another level with the coworker... is he just too close to home with you and the BF still in limbo? Is it the workplace complication? Or do you sense that he's more fun at an arm's length than he would be up close?

That sounds like a STRESSFUL week. Glad to read about all the momentum building in your life. The next part is going to be very different I imagine, but it's not going to feel like being in a rut anymore, and for that I'm so excited to find out what comes next.