Sunday, October 30, 2011

In and Out

People come and go from a person's life, but recently I've had a lot of coming and going.

When I went back this summer to visit friends and family I reconnected with people who I've been in "contact" with via Facebook, but seeing them in person sparked more human interactions.

One is my best friend who is going through a period which we are enjoying sharing. She is going through a pretty intense affair. She is loving it and sharing almost every aspect with me. This has also given me a window to throw in everything that has been going on with me including the blog, Rob, Co-worker and everyone else in my "private" life. I love having her to talk to, share emotions with and basically just bare my soul to.

The other re-entry is my ex-boyfriend. We dated many years ago when I was in high school. I did mention him in a post, I even gave him a name, but god only knows what it was. I used to share just about everything with him before we started dating. We were very close friends and ultimately I broke up with him to save that friendship. I was glad that I did because I managed to save it. But at the same time I think he was terribly hurt.

We kept in touch through the years, I went to his wedding, he had two kids and recently went through a pretty terrible separation. He would get in touch with me when things got bad at home but recently (especially after seeing him back home this summer) he has become extremely needy.

I told him that I was going through tough times with the Bf and I even told him that we were going through a break up but then we got back together, but I don't think he understood. I think he just heard the part about breaking up.

He wants to be "part of my life" he wants to be actively involved in learning about who I have become. I have such a hard time letting him in again because I'm afraid he is going to get hurt again. He doesn't deserve to go through that right now.

I will have to be very careful about how I deal with this situation....

Well Friday at work went ahead as per usual. The infamous text was never mentioned. And at this point I wonder whether he even received it...

So I was thinking of sending another one on Monday, saying
"choose the correct answer: A) you didn't receive the txt, B) you're ignoring it, C) you didn't understand or D) you didn't have the money to answer"

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Michael said...

Did you send CoW the text?