Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Belt

I organized a meeting with Robby on line before the A got back from holidays. We had had an unfortunately frustrating chat on msn yesterday so Robby decided to make up for it. He promised me that I wouldn't have to touch the keyboard. He also said that he'd text me his demands for what I should wear this morning.

It just so happened that I got called for a job interview yesterday evening which would make me late for our "date". So I texted Robby to warn him. He said that he wasn't quite sure what he'd have me wear, but that the interview had given him some ideas.

I got the text late this morning:
'Ok, so I'm looking for the sexy sophisticated look. Short skirt, blouse, or shirt, hold up tights, high heels, glasses, hair tied back, sexy undies, etc. Use your imagination. Oh and you'll be needing a leather belt. xx'

I headed off to the interview excited about finishing it ASAP so that I could get back to get organized for the "show".

Aced the interview, jumped into the car and drove back home. Pulled on the shortest black skirt I could ruffle up, my black hold up nylons, black lace thong, my black corset with the garter incorporated, a white dress shirt, my black glasses and I tied my hair back the best I could. I grabbed my only soft black leather belt and threw on my black heels. Stepped into a pair of earrings and voilà a hot, sexy office worker! All in 10 minutes!

Online Rob started by asking me to go through the checklist of what I was wearing. Making sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I stood up to show him the skirt bending over slightly to show him the tights, or where they finished.

After a 10 minute break (to post a letter, as he matter of factly said) he came back. He was silent. He was thinking. He wasn't sure whether to go slow or fast. I asked him what he'd do if he had an ice-cream, lick it slow or gobble it up. He said fast, but that I was better than ice-cream.

He asked me to unbutton the top button of my shirt, which revealed the top of the corset. And to hike up my skirt. Spread my legs, run my hands along my thighs... slowly. "does it feel good?" I nod.
He tells me to get the belt. and to run it along my legs down to my ankles. Tie your ankles together with it. done. He then giggles realizing that it's impossible for me to move like that and tells me to take it off. He tells me to rub it along my thighs, then up my body to my breasts and neck. Unbutton your shirt. I ran the buckle along my neck down my chest to my nipples. Cold.

Rub it between your legs. Feel good? Nod. The buckle against my clit. Cold.

I stand up. I have an idea. I grabbed a different belt, chain mail. Metal and cold. I needed something cold against my skin in the 33 degree heat.

I ran it along my body, feeling the metal against my skin.
Dangle it between your legs. Nod.
Does that feel good? Nod.
Can you feel the cold? Nod.
God you're so fucking hot
Pull it between your legs, front to back. On top of your panties.
The metal hard and cold against my ass.
Pull it back and forth.
I pulled it up slowly between my lips, my thong pulling with it, uncovering my flower. The rough surface bumping and vibrating across my clit, making me shiver. Back and forth. Up and down. Faster, slower...

Now thread it through crossways so that it's touching your pussy. left to right. Done.
Oh god I wish I was there.
Oh I like that.
Chest heaving, feeling faint, breathing too hard. Feeling faint.
Does that feel good? Nod
Back and forth, each cool link in the chains making me shake.
God I'm hard.
Take your panties off.
You need rougher?
You're the boss.
Rougher it is then...
Jerk it now.
I yank on the belt making it hit my clit, harder. harder.
Cheese grater. Giggle.
Nevermind. Smile.

Work your clit now, I wanna see how wet you are. Use your fingers.
Slide them in.
Too much. It feels too good.
Ok, now you're in charge, show me what you've got.
I turn around and show him my ass, and my pussy wet and full with my fingers.
I'd never get tired of fucking you like that.
I'd never get tired of you fucking me like that.

Get yourself to orgasm babe.
This is where I get you off.
i'm fucking you
I'm fucking you hard
your begging for it
you want it deeper, harder, faster, in your mouth, in your ass, all over you...

I came. I was sweating. It was hot. My body arching for the final contraction.

It was by far the best cyber fuck, I've ever had. I wasn't in control of anything. I let him take over completely.
I want to repeat the experience, except with him sitting there watching in person.

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Gray said...

Oh hot was that. Damn sexy!