Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been wanting to write a general entry on random things.

The first is how happy I am to say that after just a few weeks of blogging I seem to have a fairly high visitor traffic. I'm curiously getting a bunch of hits from Malaysia, Singapore, India and the east, as well as the more conventional places like the UK and the U.S. . I wonder if my site was published on an Asian site. If anyone knows please leave an anonymous comment so that I can check it out. I think it has something to do with "friendconnect" or "open social". I've never heard of them. I'm curious though.

On a different note. At home things are going well. I had a very late night with Robby on Monday. He had a great story to tell me which made me smile and I keep thinking about it (and I stupidly grin every time I do). I feel like it's one of those things though that I want to keep private and I'm sorry to say that I'll be keeping it to myself. It suffices to say that it was sweet and it makes me think.
After telling me his story he kept insisting that I "talk". And it's MSN so I had to type. He wanted me to talk about "us" and him. So I did. The details have become foggy on part of that conversation. I know that he kept saying things about me, telling me such sweet things that would make me blush. I kept telling him to "quit it". Then I told him to "talk", and he said that he had a new game called "Blush or Gush". I asked for Blush first, where he told me what he thought of me... which was so sweet it did make me blush. Then he went into a long Gush. The goal of gush, for those of you who didn't catch the dubtlty of the term, is to get me wet.
He went into an hour description of my fantasy of being tied to a chair . It was yet again amazing. It certainly got me wet. It was full of teasing and every little detail of what he'd do to me. I resisted touching myself right to the end, when I gave up and rubbed my clit through my panties. The "Gush" ended at 4am.
We caught up briefly the next morning, until my bf walked in the front door and I had to quit MSN without him noticing. Upon which he threw himself on top of me and we had good but not extraordinary sex.

I'm in Robby withdrawl. Robby had defined himself a drug for me in the "frustrating conversation" before "The Belt" and after reading Advizor's The Weekend Where I Turn into an Addict. I realized that I'm right on that track to being a total addict to him. But I have to say that it feels good. I'm not putting my work on the line or my marriage (so far). It does however have it's flip side. I'm in withdrawl. I feel like I need to talk to him every day. I have to force myself not to tex thim. But I will survive and I'm happy.

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Gray said...

Oh I understand so well. I have my own little addiction. *swoons*

Stay happy!