Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I dream of Orgies?

I had the strangest dream the night before last.
I'm pretty sure I know what brought it on. I was reading "Friday in Vegas" on the "She likes it Rough" blog. It got me thinking about a Canadian couple I know who I could just picture doing that kind of thing. They're young, good looking and always curious to try new things. And they're always in Vegas.

I dreamt that I was in his parents' house. It is huge and full of strange rooms, There's a party going on and there are people in different places, holding drinks and talking. It seems very posh and almost yuppy (which they are). My friend Suzy asks me at one point if I want to join an orgy and I say that I've never tried it but that I'd like to.

Knowing that she is the jealous type I figure that I need to bring a guy with me so that I didn't jump on hers. (not that I'd want to, he's not my type). Then out of nowhere a hand nonchalantly caresses and squeezes my breast. It's Pacey from "Dawson's Creek" (how strange is that??) He takes me by my arm and we walk down a long hallway with a painting I vividly remember. (I memorize paintings in my dreams since I paint).

The painting was nothing special, it was narrow and long. Probably 2 metres long, with a giant wedding cake painted in a kind of cartoonish style on one side, on the other a man's shoulder and part of his head seen from behind.

We walk towards a set of big dark wood double doors which were partially open showing Suzy propped on an armchair with her legs spread and a man in between licking at her pussy. She is smiling and I'm getting wet, excited about who else might be in the room.

Then my alarm-clock went off. Damn.

It was such a vivid dream that I could almost re-create the scene last night before going to sleep, but if I dreamed an ending, I don't remember it.


Gray said...

Wow, I want to have your dreams! Then again maybe if I slept more then a few hours at a time I'd have a better shot!


Cande said...

I just wish I could have finished it! I don't usually have dreams that are this graphic. I think I've been exposing myself to a lot of sex on these blogs recently!

I love it!

M and A said...

We're glad we could inspire you :) Nice dream!!!