Sunday, July 12, 2009

G Quest

I'm going on a quest to find my G spot. I've never really tried finding it before, my orgasms are pretty amazing as is. They can be so intense they are crippling, I double over if I'm standing. Maybe I've been stimulating it without knowing it. Who knows? I won't until I try finding it I suppose.
Let the quest begin!

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

As a lover I would have you get on your hands and knees and push two fingers into you, bending them down toward your abdomen. pushing down, just past the pelvic arch. I would work them in and out in small movements, rubbing hard. I would "pull the orgams out of you".

By youself, I think the best bet would be to get a dildo that is angled specifically for that purpose. Open Enterprises and some other toy companies sell them. If you are not sure which ones I mean, feel free to say so and I will email a link to you.

Good luck to you. There are ways to make orgasms much longer and stronger, as you know from reading Still Distracted, as I do. If you email her she may be able to coach you.


Gray said...

So, how did it go?:P