Monday, July 20, 2009


Haha, sorry everyone, I posted my HNT post that I wanted to schedule by mistake. It'll show up in your lists... but it won't exist I deleted it... let's call it a preview!

This will be my last "real" post before the scheduled ones start. I will however try to keep up with everyone and comments late at night when everyone here is sleeping.

I've got some sex memoirs coming later in the week.

I thought I had scheduled the part I of the story for today, but I was wrong it'll be tomorrow. This is fun though, I like being able to ramble in advance. I'm curious to see what kind of comments will come my way (if any) seeing as I have a few new followers.

Righto, off I go to clean the house before sis gets here.



Anonymous said...

Sex memoirs, yay!

Cande, I had to learn about deleted posts remaining in the dashboards and readers the hard way as well. Next time, just edit the post to remove all of its content and save, the edited version of the post will remain after you delete it from your blog. :)

I look forward to your scheduled posts. Have a wonderful week, Cande. xox

Gray said...

Haha I've had that deleted problem too. What a pain. Can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow! Enjoy your time with your sister!:)

Mistress Bella said...

Thats not a problem it happens to everyone...

and you can do scheduled stuff? Although i am curious about the stories...i did two clips of a story but i think it was that cliche and predictable that no one gave it any comment lol...

But hope you have good time with sis

Cande said...

Charlie, I'm not sure I get it, so I don't delete it, but I erase everything and save it? hmmm Ok. I'll try that next time it happens.

Gray: total pain, but oh well, I'll get used to the whole system soon enough.

Mistress: I'll have to look up your story, I'm curious now. What was the post name??

Thanks everyone, I'll have a fab time with sis, she's jetlagged and sleeping now. But tomorrow is another day to laugh in the sun ;)