Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New work, new oportunities.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a bigger town. Everyone knows everyone else here.

Today I went and did a voice-over for an ophthalmology video.

I was asked to show up at 2:30pm and I did. The doctor was operating and would meet me as soon as he finished. When he showed up I wasn't sure if it was him I was supposed to meet.
He was young (about 35) and very sexy. He had that five o'clock shadow that looks good on models and salt and pepper hair. He was tall and average build. Not muscular but not lanky. He didn't have an exaggerated amount of body hair (which some Italians have).

He walked me over to a wing of the hospital that was deserted. He asked the nurse not to disturb us since we had to record this voice-over. He ended up locking the door to the whole wing! We were left absolutely alone in a room with a cot covered with a green hospital bed sheet.

I actually contemplated asking him to take me right there. Hike my skirt up, lean over the cot, pull my panties to the side and have him slide into me, slow and sure. I'm sure he could have done a really good job of getting me off. I'm sure he would have licked the juices running down my thighs right up to my lips. Maybe he would have had me sit on the chair so that he could force himself into my mouth.

Instead he sat kitty corner to me, with a recorder in his hand. Ready to record my voice saying the cheesy lines of the text. There were moments of slight embarrassment, where we giggled about having to repeat lines. Moments where I waited for him to finish something so I stared and scrutinized his features or his toned arm. And moments when I was working on translating a phrase where I'm sure he pretended to work on the computer when he was actually looking me over.

It was fun. I may have to go back tomorrow... I hope.


Anonymous said...

Oh so tempting!!!

Gray said...

Oh oh oh, yes go back!!:)

Cande said...

Kitten: it was.... to no end. drove me crazy!

Gray: Oooh I hope, I hope!!