Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dress. Part II

She stood anxiously by the table, uncertain of what he wanted to do. "Turn around" he said quietly as he placed the bottle of water next to her on the hardwood table. As she turned around to face the table she could feel his hand on her neck pushing her forward, she opposed some resistance to which he just pushed harder till she had to swing her hands in front of her so as not to bang her head on the table. With a quick sleek movement, his other hand groped for a drawer in the kitchen unit next to them, opening it and finding blindly a pair of scissors.

She could feel the cold of the metal on her legs; he was running it up and down her thighs. His hand still on her neck, forcing her onto her elbows, head down, hair in her face. She could hear that sheer sound of the scissors opening and the sharp point between her ass cheeks, grazing her carefully, moving along the seam of her black thong, up and finally out, back down to where the dress hem was now sitting, just below her ass.

Snip. He cut into the dress, giving it a new slit up the back. The slit was just long enough to show the triangle of thong covering her sex. If she were standing it wouldn't show anything of much interest.

This time the scissors ran up her back, over the dress to the bare skin on her neck and shoulder, cool enough to give her goosebumps and shiver slightly.

"Are you cold?" he asked. "No" she answered. At that he picked up the still cold water bottle and poured the water onto her back. The goosebumps rose, making all the hairs on her arms stand straight and she was suddenly aware of her nipples pushing against the fabric of the dress. He ran the scissors down her bare shoulder and snip he cut a slit into the back of her dress, at the nape of the neck, exposing a few vertebrae at the top of her back.

He released his grip on her neck and she eased up slowly, afraid he would push her back down. He grabbed her by the shoulder and swung her around to face him, ass resting slightly on the edge of the table. Scissors still in hand, glinting in the sunlight coming through the window. He asked her quietly again "are you cold?" "No" she answered, and again, as he did the first time, he picked up the bottle and poured the water down her front, slowly drizzling it like chocolate sauce on ice cream. This time it ran down her chest, and over her breasts, making her nipples hard and down in between her legs, down her thighs and over her feet onto the floor.

She could see that he was hard, his cock was evidently pushing out the top of his jeans. She reached one hand over to touch it, to release the button, to let it out, but his hand came down hard on hers, scissors and all, blocking her. Putting the water bottle down he concentrated on the scissors again, running them down from behind her ear down her throat over the dress to her left breast. Snip. He cut a slit just under her breast, revealing her wet skin. The fold of her breast where it met her ribs was just barely visible. Snip. And another just below her nipple. The slightest movement would make it pop out. She held her breath.


Gray said...

Wow, that is hot! More more more!!:)

You are awesome at this.

Cande said...

Haha, thanks Gray for the compliment. I'm still expecting some constructive criticism!

Mistress Bella said...

I wish he would cut it all off already! taking it soooooo slow, building it up...i can feel its gonna be so hot! And no criticism needed, you are doing so well :D

Cande said...

Thanks Bella! I like the slow painful climax ;) as you may be able to tell.

Dewey's System said...

Cande, nice nice. I love all of the slits in this story. You do like to make these things last don't you? hhmmmm cold scissors and all

Mistress Bella said...

Yeah....slow climax indeed! I can feel it building and building, I just cant wait and see how he makes her explode!