Monday, July 13, 2009

G Quest "continued"

Alright. I went and had a nice long shower yesterday and did a little "research". I love using the shower-head on my clit. I had done some research on internet about where to find my G-spot, so here's what I found:

-as soon as the shower-head had worked a little of it's magic and I was lubed enough, I slipped my middle finger slowly in, being careful to pay attention to how things felt on the way in. I was looking for a harder ridged area just inside my pelvic bone, towards my abdomen.

- I found the ridged area. Pressing on it obviously compresses the urinary tract. ( my gynecologist had done that once to me before, seeing if I had a urinary tract infection).

- One thing I found strange is that there is a considerable "ditch" on either side of it. I mean it goes in pretty deep... not sure if that's normal. I'm sure a gynecologist would have told me if it wasn't though.

- I also think that most of the time, when I have sex it gets stimulated, it's quite prominent.

-Pressing on it while stimulating the clit was almost distracting. I can't say painful, but almost. Let's say it's a sharp sensation.

-When I came I didn't cum from the stimulation of the G spot, but I came from the clitoral stimulation of the water.

-I think I need more practice!!

Sorry that this wasn't more enticing, I feel very scientific about it all :)


Gray said...

Hahahah Hey you found it! Perhaps next time stop with the clitoral stimulation and see what happens when you just stimulate the G spot.

Cande said...

Yep I guess I did ;)
I will definitely try that next time. I think I'll have to find a more comfortable position though. Standing in the shower could prove to be dangerous. I could fall over or something :)

M and A said...

Amber's told me that she can't hit the spot herself, so she's getting pretty good at directing me. It can take awhile to have a g-spot orgasm but it's worth it!

Leonhart said...

I rather liked your scientific approach. There was something quite enjoyable about your matter-of-fact honesty.

Cande said...

AWw thanks Leonhart! It was a lot of fun experimenting ;)