Friday, July 24, 2009

Sex from the Past

My sexual experiences as a child are very clear to me. I remember them quite vividly. Someone older than me, probably another child, and probably a girl, taught me to masturbate when I was about 4. I didn't know what it was, and neither did she. She just knew it felt good and decided to teach me.

One day I decided to share the great news with some friends of mine (two sisters), they were probably about my age, perhaps a little older, and they freaked out. They ran out of the room as if I had violated them, running to tell their parents. I guess their parents had told them not to touch themselves or something. Whatever, I never told anyone else about it.

Then I met a pair of twins, they were not identical, one was blond and the other brunette, they also had a younger brother. We were best friends from the age of about 6 up to about 13/14.

I had a strange relationship with them, my first sexual experience was with them. We were about 6 or 7 and we were upstairs in their house alone with their little brother and we were talking about how babies were born. They knew more than me, I think they had seen their parents have sex. They told me that a girl had to be on top of a boy to have sex. So I remember they got me to climb on top of their little brother, he was laying on a cot and I sprawled on top of him, both of us completely naked. I didn't feel aroused. I wonder if their brother remembers that. He was really really little, maybe 4.

The brunette and I had a strange relationship, we were playing together one day when we were older and she confessed that she liked to touch herself and that she reached a kind of climax. We were about 10. I confessed that I liked to do the same and we would often do it together, without touching each other, just side by side.

Then things got more involved. We started to play with each other. We would fantasize about boys, french kiss, (which felt like a squid in my mouth to me). She would even tell me that she wanted to put things inside me and we tried a few times, it would hurt more than anything. We had sex a few times as best two girls can at the age of 10 or 11. One leg over, one under, grinding together.

One day she wanted me to lick her. I refused, I really didn't want to. So she insisted and pushed until I agreed... funny part was that the only way she could convince me was by slathering cough syrup on her vulva so that I couldn't taste anything. So I did. It didn't last very long. She was loving it, but I was not. I think I asked her to do the same, but she refused and I missed out. I didn't push it.

We eventually grew apart. We didn't see each other for quite a few years and now we're friends on facebook but she won't talk to me. I think she's afraid of what I know.

In any case, my very first sexual experiences were with a girl. Strangely I'm not a lesbian. I love cock... a lot, but I can definitely say that I like women visually and I would definitely try a FF experience again. Why aren't I a lesbian if I could admittedly say that I find some women attractive? Because I don't get along with women as well as with men. I am much happier in the company of men.


Mistress Bella said...

My first sexually experiences where when I was younger than ten and it was with a girl...

And things happened for years....although something kinda happened (bad thing) and she refuses all knowledge of it...go figure.

I just say Im bi because I do have the tendency to make out with girls but i love cock too :D

Gray said...

Wow, stories like this make me wonder what the hell happen to me as a kid. *laughs* But I agree, women are attractive! But I prefer the company of men as well, though the addition of a female to the mix would make things interesting. :)

Dewey's System said...

Very interesting story, and yes, like Gray these kinds of stories make me wonder if I grew up in total isolation from other kids. I mean, I know I didn't but I the naughtiest thing I did was look at the Playboy Channel. ;)

Leonhart said...

I felt a bit wrong for reading this and being interested. . .

I could have done with a friend like you as a kid, though. Between that and learning how to ride a bike it would have been a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I also find women attractive, but I am not sexually attracted to them. I was curious at one time in my life, but whenever the opportunity to explore actually presented itself, I wasn't aroused and couldn't follow through. I wasn't disgusted, just devoid of any desire.

My earliest sexual experiences were all pretty negative and I won't delve into that here, but as I got older I lost the shame and began to really enjoy my sexuality. When I was 16 a girlfriend of mine and I were talking and discovered that neither of us had actually seen a boy cum. So, on a whim, we picked up this guy at the 7-11 (convenience store in southern California) and drove him way out in a field and I sucked his dick while my friend french kissed him. After he came, we threw his skateboard out of the car and made him get out and drove off. Isn't that terrible? I imagine he was smiling the whole way home anyway.

Single Lady said...

That's really interesting...I must have been a really, really late starter! A friend and I got naked together once at a sleepover, just to kind of look at each other, no touching.But that was it for me. I think we were about 9.

Cande said...

It was really interesting hearing about all your past experiences. I think it's a really interesting subject.

Charlie: that is pretty harsh, poor guy!! Well.... nah... I bet he loved it! If I were a guy that age, I'd fantasize about something like that happening.... oh wait...I do fantasize about that!!

Mistress: I'd be interested in getting a better understanding where the line is between bi and straight. I think it may be very fine in any case.

Gray: What did happen to you as a kid? do you remember? I wonder if I've blocked anything out.

Dewey: I don't think your experience is abnormal. I think that my experiences were out of the ordinary.

Leonhart: why would you feel wrong about reading this? I wrote this so people could read it;) I could however see how it might scare people with children. It would scare me if I had a kid.

Single Lady: I don't think you were a late starter! I think I was a super early starter. Maybe it was the fluoride in the water!