Monday, July 6, 2009

Bloging is Good for the Soul

After The Belt (or possibly the frustrating chat before that) Robby and I have come to some kind of new understanding. During the frustrating chat I had told him about the blog. I wasn't initially sure that I should tell him about it, but we had been so honest with each other over the years I didn't feel like I could keep it from him. When I told him, he kinda took it the wrong way. I wanted to tell him about it without having him read it. I wasn't sure he was ready. In the end (as the conversation got more complicated) I pasted in the link and said "here, read it". He refused. And I knew that he'd eventually get to it, in time. During that conversation he finally came to the conclusion that it was fine, and that I needed an artistic outlet for what was going on.
In the conversations that followed I didn't bring it up much, but I knew that he hadn't been on (my site meter would have revealed that).
Sunday morning I find a heading on the sitemeter that could only have been him. I was curious and happy to an extent. To me it meant that he was interested in what I thought.
I wanted to text him to ask if he had been on, but I avoided it. I sent him a "hey babe, you good?" text instead.
The morning after I got a text saying that he was on line - from the night before. I went to check my emails and sure enough there was the longest email he's ever written me. It made me grin. He admitted to having read the blog. He read the whole thing. And he said that it had made him feel intensely jealous and it had made him grin.
Too sweet - is about all I can say.
We exchanged a few sweet and funny emails about the blog with the last one ending that we need to meet up a second time, with two tickets to see a concert, scarves to tie me up, and him... and was that all I needed? haha.
I don't think I'd need anything else... I can even do without food.

I like this whole situation. It makes me giddy.


Gray said...

Oooo that went better then you would have thought huh?

Cande said...

Haha, yeah. i just love it!