Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Dress. Part I

The dress

She walked into the store wearing a simple jean skirt and a pair of flat sandals.
She made her way over to the dress racks and flipped through the clothes like pictures in a book until she came to a simple black dress. It was soft, made of a mix of rayon and cotton. Short sleeves and a boat neck. It didn't look long, but she wanted to see how long it actually was.

She asked the shopkeeper if she could try it on and with a nod she headed to the changing room. She stepped out of her skirt, pulled her tank top off and slipped the dress over her head. It fell onto her slim frame delicately, falling over her shoulders, leaving one bare. It was the perfect length, it was short, but not too short, it came mid thigh and it stretched nicely across her body, tight enough to see her shape perfectly but not constricting.

"Yes", she said when she came out, dressed in her jean skirt and tank top again, "I'll take it".
The shop assistant carefully folded the dress and placed it into a purple packet.
Back at home the purple pack lay untouched on the table. Waiting, whispering to be opened. Yearning for him.

When he arrived he looked at the table, empty except for the purple metallic package. She watched him carefully from the other end of the room, biting her thumbnail, hoping he would approve. They didn't speak. He walked past the table and the package, ignoring it, over to the fridge. Grabbed the bottle of water and drank, letting the water run down his chin and neck. It was hot. It was one of the worst heat-waves they'd had in years.

Still, without a word, her standing in the corner anxious, waiting, hoping. He walked back over to the package and picked it up, pried open the tape with one swift movement of the finger and tilted the contents into his hand. He held it up for a split second, scrutinizing it briefly and then threw it at her landing it directly on her chest. Her hands moved awkwardly up to catch it. She couldn't read the expression on his face. She couldn't understand if he approved or not. Her curiosity was broken by his words. Simple and direct. "Put it on".
She didn't hesitate. She slipped into the bathroom and stripped off all the clothes she had except for the black lace thong she was wearing. She reached into the dress for the second time, pulling it over her head, checking her toned legs and ass in the mirror and adjusting her hair before opening the door.

He was leaning against the cool wall in front of the bathroom entrance, water bottle still in hand, dripping cool drops of water onto the floor. He nodded to her holding his hand out motioning back towards the kitchen table where the package had been.


Gray said...

Ooooo I love the beginning! And I can just picture the dress. Very lovely. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Dewey's System said...

Hot hot hot!! I like this. I was bracing myself for something bad, I was almost getting ready to be disappointed. Thanks for not letting me down. ;). If he rejected it I would have reached across internet land and smacked him.

Mistress Bella said...

Not my usual type of story, but you had me pulled by the end of it, just getting ready to read the second bit....I can feel the crackle of chemistry and sparks in this!