Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Music to Fuck to

There are songs which are a turn on just like that, by themselves. As soon as I hear them I get the impulse to put my hand down my jeans. These are songs that have the perfect rhythm to have sex to. They're slow, almost a pounding beat to them.

Some are faster but are erotic for the sensuality of the voice or for the melody which runs though you like a wave of spasms.

What kind of music would you fuck to? Is it slow and controlled? is it heavy and violent? is it fast and playful?


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I prefer to fuck to no music at all. The reason is that I get too in to the music and it takes my focus away from the experience with my lover.

Classic soul and early R & B artists like Donny Hathaway can sure get me in the mood though.;)

Cande said...

Oooh Yes I totally understand. No music for good strong concentration.

I do however like how music can influence the mood of the situation.

Dewey's System said...

I just listened to the Gotan Project song. I liked it. Just bought it on-line. Thanks for the tip. And I like music for the whole experience. Not every time, but sometimes it's just an added benefit

Brad said...

Teardrop huh. Interesting choice, i thought i was the only guy in this would who enjoyed that particular track.
You should watch the show House M.D. then, Teardrop is its opening theme. Incredible music.


P.S. I know i commented on this post 2 years too late, but i can't help it, i just came to know that you existed. LOl