Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Love igoogle

I'm so stoked about this whole google thing I can't begin to explain how relieved I'm feeling. I generally have igoogle set up on my real-life google account. I've got a nice skin, I've got my weather, my gmail and facebook on there. I rarely use it anymore, I generally just go straight to facebook.

Here's what I've done: I've set up an almost identical igoogle page with my alter-ego account. I've got Reader, Hotmail and Weather. I've got it set up so that reader is on top, and hotmail is below. This way Hotmail can't be seen unless I scroll down. This means I can spend all the time I want on reader looking at all my favourite blogs and I can keep an eye on my Hotmail messages.

This way bf has no idea what I'm doing. But it is all much more anonymous. it's all just text, not as many sexy pictures... which I enjoy, but I can always have a peek at those when bf isn't around.

And I am now updating directly from google docs. Which means I, yet again, have the anonymity of a blank document compared to my blogger page with "Secret Diary of an Online Stripper" in bold on the top of the page. There was no way to hide that. On the new post page you can't even scroll down.

Right, I'm satisfied. I didn't even have to open a "fake" diary YAY!


Diner Nighthawk said...

Google is slowly taking over the world. Microsoft? Starbucks? Wal-Mart? No, Google shall eventually be the master of all.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I even own a Droid ^_^

Cande said...

Haha. Yeahhh I'd like google to rule the world, that would make for a good Simpson's episode.

Droid eh... I wouldn't mind hearing more about that.

Leonhart said...

What a geek.


No, seriously, I'm thrilled. Thrilled for you, and thrilled that a hot chick like you can out-nerd me!

Anonymous said...

Well I am not sure what the hell all that is you just said but I'm glad you are tickled with whatever it is you did!

Just keep stripping online and I will be good with whatever else you do!

Cande said...

LH Thanks hon... I'll keep in mind that you like geeks

Sage: *KISS* I will don't you worry. My techie Amish boy.

Anonymous said...

Why you gotta cal Amish on me for?

Cande said...

haha yeah you're too cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'ma peach for sure.

Inferno said...

It does seem that google is slowly taking over the world.
It's kinda scary.
For now they let all go through, but when they are beyond compitition they may not.

Cande said...

Sage: a fuzzy one at that...

Inferno: Google is definitely taking over the world. It will be a painless conversion to Googlism. Obey and be happy ;) (it is a bit creepy yeah)