Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sex from the past... there's too many to remember now

When I was single after getting back from Mexico. The guy I had gone to Mexico with cheated on me, I met a whole range of guys I went to bed with. some I was emotionally involved with, others I wasn't.

I was walking down the street in my hometown one day to find a group of buskers. They played C.C.R. Which is something I enjoy, but the best part was the lead singer. He was HOT. I overheard them talking about playing at a place with a strange name and memorized it so I could go watch them.

At the time I had been hired in a shop to help out around Chirstmas with a group of other girls. I asked them if they knew the place I had heard them talk about and one did, telling me where it was. This same girl, that same day had told us nonchalantly how she had been woken in the "best" of ways. Her boyf had gone down on her that morning.

That Friday evening I went to this pizza place to see the C.C.R. band play. The place was small, cozy and full of people my age. There was beer, good pizza and good music. I was concentrated on the singer. I tried flirting with him, he responded a bit. But nothing amazing.

They were booked to play there again the next Friday.

I went in to work, told my work colleagues about the group I had seen, leaving any details out about the singer unless they had asked me. Turns out the girl I was working with, the one who had been woken by her boyf was the lead singer's girlfriend. Hah. What a coincidence that was.

Well that didn't deter me, I had already organized to head there on the Friday anyhow.

I sat on my own, at the bar. I drank a beer, I had my notebook where I scribbled and doodled and the guy behind the bar started talking to me. I have no idea what he said. He gave me some kind of compliment or said something funny. But I was yet again, hooked. He was a good looking guy.

I started going there a lot... all the time. Day and night. I met other guys in there. I hung out with "the guys" I knew everyone that worked there. I went there for lunch for dinner and till 2 in the morning after going to the clubs. I went there alone and with friends. But it was my hangout.

DD (aka the guy behind the bar) would give the most amazing hugs, every time I walked in. He knew exactly how to hug, how to slooowly run his hands along the waist, under the ribs, up the back pressed gently yet firmly to his body, and he smelled sooooooooo good. I can still remember his smell. He was a bit of a heart-breaker. I wanted him. I wanted him bad. But he had someone else he was seeing so I was happy just hanging out with him. I got to know his group of friends. And one was Jessie.

Jessie worked at the movie theatre next door. He knew how to fuck. Shit... he was good in bed. He was super tall, really sweet, but he was like a ballroom dancer in the bedroom, swinging me around, flipping me here and there, hiking me up, fucking me while standing. He wanted me in thigh highs, and heels. He knew how I wanted to be fucked, in fact I screamed with him. I can be very vocal when I've got the right person.

I think DD got word of my having sex with Jessie because, well Jessie told me that he had mentioned it to him and he had been jealous.

Not long after, I ended up staying late. DD asked me to stay till closing. To keep him company as he closed. He did his rounds, finished everything up. This was normal, I kept him company often. But this time something different happened. He turned the lights of the pizzeria open and the radio was on, the light of the drinks fridge light us just enough. The song "I've just seen a face" by Holly Cole was playing. I'll never forget it. I was leaning up against the wall watching him. He walked up to me, pinned my shoulders against the wall and kissed me.

Nope I'll never forget that song, or that kiss.

He took me home that night. We slept in the same bed. I touched him... barely touched him. He had a premature ejaculation problem. But I wanted him so bad. I was willing to wait all night (by this time it was morning) to have him inside me. But he turned and went to sleep. He was distant for the next while. Months even.

I eventually had sex with him. It was a year later. After I'd been my first year in Italy. And I've had sex with him every single time I've been back home. And the sex was always good. Very good.
Every time I've been back home I've cheated on my bf with him. He's the only one I've really steadily had an affair with. I was in love with him... or I thought I was. I was in Italy though and he was hundreds of thousands of miles away.

We even played on skype a few times. I stripped for him while he jerked off for me. It was rather sad, but I liked his company.

When he told me he was getting married, I got angry with him. When he told me he was going to have a baby. I was happy for him. I miss his hugs, I miss him sometimes.


Leonhart said...

I guess the pertinent question is: If you went back now would you cheat? And, also, do you think he'd still cheat with you?

Cande said...

no, I doubt he would. Although it would be tempting. He's not the same physique as before. He has gained a little weight and grown a beard. I can't say for sure I'd still be attracted to him. So I guess it all depends on how he smells and his famous hug. He said I could come and get one when I'm back :)

Advizor said...

A hug, long and sensuous, can be the best form of foreplay. To be held without hesitation, wrapped up in comfort, safe, wanted, needed. Bodies holding still while stirrings begin....

But wait, you wouldn't be attracted to him because he's gained a few pounds?

Gotta go, the gym is calling.....

Anonymous said...

Good read.

I wish it were Thursday today.

B from Canada

Diner Nighthawk said...

Good story. And nice cover of "I've Just Seen a Face" - I'd never heard that one before.

Cande said...

Advizor. Happy to see your comments are back ;)

I probably would be attracted to him, but I don't like beards... I could probably say anything, but I would probably be attracted to him. His eyes haven't changed.

B: It will be soon ;)

Diner: thanks, I re-read it and realized it was pretty screwed up, I think it sounded pretty confusing. But yes the song is good.

rachel-xx said...

I know it was not the point of the post, but what happened to the tall, sweet, and can make you scream Jessie?

Cande said...

Aww jessie and I hung out together a lot, after DD no sex was had with him.

He really was super sweet because, since he was manager at the movie theatre, he got me and a friend in at 2 am to watch a private viewing of a movie (i don't remember which one, I was too stoned) with a MASSIVE garbage bag FULL of POPCORN!!!

Anyhow he eventually got married and had 2 kids and still runs a movie theater, just not in the same town.