Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just to clarify.

There's some confusion here. I may have written about this when I started my blog but I honestly can't remember if I did or not, and I can't be bothered to check so I'm going to explain it anyhow.

My bf was a pipe-fitter in a chemical plant for about 13 years. I'm actually not sure how long it was, but it was since before I met him. He was unhappily working when one day he had an accident. Actually two. I'm not going to go into detail, just in case someone I know is reading and wondering if it's me or not... (which I'm sure is super evident at this point). Anyhow he had these two accidents. The first was an injury, an important one that left him with a minor disability (which has luckily almost completely recovered) and the other was a massive accident on the work site where he risked losing his life. After these two incidents, he got a pay out  from the company insurance (obviously) and he quit working. Partially due to my pushing him to quit.

My bf has many other abilities, among which cooking, as you all know. And he manages to support himself with the sum from the insurance and the odd jobs he does on weekends or whatever he can pick up. He's fully self sufficient.

I think it came across that I was supporting him while he just did the cooking and cleaning. It's not the case. And to be clearer, I do the dishes every day basically twice a day. That's about all I do to help out. Apart from the occasional meal that I cook, or clean the bathroom on occasion and I dust occasionally (when it gets bad, because he doesn't do it). I make the bed in the morning too, but I certainly can't say I help out because he does all the big things. He does the laundry, washing and sweeping the floors, cooking, looks after feeding and cleaning our parrot. He does it all.

Right. now that that's cleared up... any questions? hah


Anonymous said...

Well that clears it up some! What kind of system do they have there for loaning money? Why wouldn't they loan money for a house if you could show income to pay it back? Seems like an odd system.

Cande said...

I'm not actually sure. I'm basing my knowledge on what I've been told for the past 11 years. What bf has told me is that it's impossible to get a loan if you don't have a long term contract for at least a few years. But I'm thinking I should start looking into this myself, get some REAL answers.

Anonymous said...

One last thing is you have said contact a couple times. I am assuming that is a contract to work? Like he would sign up to work for someone for 2 years?

I need to study on what kind of economic system y'all work under over there. That must be nationalized banking where the government controls it. Doesn't make sense really.

The way you have described it, if someone had say 1 million in assets and no job or contract then they couldn't borrow 100k. Only something government controlled could make that poor of an economic decision.

Cande said...

Oh did I type contact and not contract... yeah I meant contract.

Well I'm not sure about having a million in assets. I'm guessing they'd give you a loan. But honestly, we don't have enough money to cover the price of a house. Otherwise I'd have bought one without a loan;)

Nah, you need some kind of guarantee, and a work contract is just such a thing.

Diner Nighthawk said...

Awww, I hope we didn't make you defensive or anything. And I hope I didn't come across as accusative. He sounds like he's good guy, really.

I'm no expert on love (you've read my project, YOU know), but it does worry me that the reason you would agree to marry him if he asked, is that you have no good reason not to. It seems to me that you need a good reason TO.

Cande said...

No no defensive, no... and certainly not accusative. Lol, just confused like sage.

You're right though, my reason to marry isn't a good one.. that's what worries me too... hmmm