Saturday, April 10, 2010

The other blog.

Right... he knows
I went back to his blog to see if I could find a way to put it into a reader of sorts, so that it would come to me by email. But nooo there's not button. There's just a Blogger follow button, which doesn't help me any because I have to follow as my own alter ego and he'll figure out who I am, or I have to follow anonymously, and be the FIRST follower on his site.

No matter. I went back, and there was a post wondering who one of his followers was. It went something like this: Who are the followers on my blog? I don't really care. If it is who I think it is, it's a bit of a surprise.

He must have a tracker that I can't see. I can't decide whether to tell him I found it. I think it would be the most honest thing to do. Or just ignore that it exists and never go back.

Dilemma, dilemma.


Eden said...

I think he's secretly flattered you find his blog interesting enough to follow. What would be the harm in telling him you found it? If he really wanted it to be a private blog he would have closed it off to the world I'm sure!

P.S. Scrolled back your previous entries. You have a lovely figure! Happy belated HNT

Anonymous said...

There are only three rules in a situation such as this.


Cande said...

Eden... oooh I'm not sure. He's such an odd ball this one.
Thanks for the Belated HNT :)

Sage: Explain!

Gray said...

Oh please.. fess up. I think he's happy to see it. Ignore Sage, he prefers to deny everything! lol

Anonymous said...

LOL@ Gray.

I just meant deny that it was you looking at his blog!

Cande said...

Gray: LOL, I'm not sure he is happy to see it... perhaps. Hard to say on this one. He's the same one that blocked me... remember hah... freak

Sage: haha, I've been contemplating telling him and you tell me to deny it. Too funny.

Diner Nighthawk said...

You could always lie and say you're someone else, while subtly dropping hints at your true identity to gauge his reaction before making your next decision.

Or you could just pretend you're a Spambot. "i FoLlOw CuZ i Am HaVe GrEaT bUsInEsS oPpOrTuNiTy!"

Cande said...

LOL Ohmy that's funny. I could pretend to be a spambot!! I'd never have thought of that. You're full of useful ideas ;)