Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The world is getting smaller.

Ohh my goodness... What I just stumbled upon while looking for something completely innocent.

It was my Facebook friend Raoul. He posted something that I was curious about finding a picture of. when I didn't find anything that matched the search on google images, I went and checked on the web, and his blog came up! I mean WTF?? He has a blog?!? It was the ONLY thing that came up with that sentence in quotation marks! I mean how random is that?

There are no followers, so I bookmarked it.

He rambles, it's a diary. It's serious stuff too. He talks about Facebook, and how it caused him heartache. He talks about an ex. But it's not me, we were never "together". He talks about disappearing, he blocks people, doesn't respond. I guess I'm part of all of that.

I just hope he doesn't have a tracker ( I couldn't find one) but he'll think I'm stalking him. It was pure chance... though. Maybe I should tell him that I found it. It's just so easy to recognize me, Italy... why would Italy visit his blog?? I'm about the only reason.

I probably shouldn't go back anytime soon... I'll be tempted to death though.


Gray said...

There is no reason not to go back! I'm sure if he follows who looks at his blog he's gotten people from all over the world. And maybe along the way he's hoped one of them was you. I'd have a hard time not checking. *laughs*

Diner Nighthawk said...

I don't think I'd be able to fight the temptation. He's got to understand, the internet's a public place. Don't write on the walls unless you want to risk someone reading it.

(Said the guy with the secret blog who hopes no one in real life connects him too it).

BTW, I fixed that following problem on my blog. Sorry, didn't even notice the button was missing!

Leonhart said...

I think you know you're going to look! I just wonder if you even know why (or if you'll like it if you find it).

Cande said...

Grey: could be that he's had many visitors. but he's had a total of 300 profile views, and he has NO followers... if he sees Italy (which is rare anyhow) I'm sure he'll suspect, especially after being there for 20 minues! haha

DN: True, very true. I don't want to scare him away from it. He's already mentioned starting another one, one that is completely anonymous.

Leonhart: yeah, you're probably right. I will end up going back. Although, I've been good at holding off so far.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cande. How are you? I've been away for a long time and am trying to catch up with everyone. I've miss you!

You can always add him to your Google Reader and choose to follow anonymously. This way he will not know you are reading, and since you are viewing in Reader instead of visiting his actual blog, he will not see Italy come up again. :)


Cande said...

Hah, Charlie, Nice to see you back! That is an excellent idea. Maybe I should do everything through google, it would make coming on here a lot less frequent. I think I can even update through google... Thanks for the tip!! xoxo