Friday, April 15, 2011

apples and oranges

After a camomile tea I felt somewhat better last night. But that didn't stop me from meeting up with Rob on skype. I was so f***ing horny that..... nevermind... yeah it was good.... three I think. It must be a record or something. By the end my cheeks (face... get your mind out of the gutter!) were bright red and I was dripping... not just sweat either. He just kept talking, and I kept working, he kept telling me not to stop, so I didn't.

I've been trying to work out details for my London trip, different places I will go, and stay. I'm leaving it flexible enough that I can make changes. Even if Rob doesn't come it will be good.

I've also been struggling with a new computer my dad got me for my birthday (no it's not my birthday yet, but it will be soon) he will be sending me the money for this new Macbook pro. I've bought it, but as soon as I opened it up and had all my info transferred, the number 8 key popped off. I mean I hadn't even used the keyboard yet! And the store says that there's no way to prove that it came like that. So now I have to deal with the apple dealer and see if Apple will cover it. It's under warranty, except this is considered improper use. WTF?!? man! so annoying.

Anyhow I love Macs and will never every go back to windows. I hate windows. But the hardware is something that pisses me off sometimes. I've bought two Macs in my life. The first time I had to take it back to the shop 2 times, had a problem with the isight camera, and had the motherboard changed.

Now on a macbook pro that has a totally steel body, the key pops off??? Not only that, but they can't just replace the key, they have to replace the WHOLE KEYBOARD!?!

So now I'm frustrated because I can't use it. :( and I'm just hoping they get back to me about whether it's covered on the apple warranty.


Advizor54 said...

Buying a Mac is like buying a sports car, they are pretty to look at but parts are hard to get and the mechanics rip you off.

My trusty Windows machine has a million vendors competing for my little wallet and everyone knows how to fix them.

But yes, Apples are prettier.

And 3? Good job!

sin said...

Can you crazy glue the 8 key back on? When I bought my Toshiba laptop the S key popped off. And I kept thinking I should take it back, but didn't and eventually I crazy glued it on. Works fine.

Johanna said...

Mmm... you and Rob seem to be in an intense phase after all... promising.

I share Advizor's take on the Mac. I'd love one, but not quite worth the money and hassle when something happens. I'll keep buying a new windows pc every other year instead of a Mac every fifth.

ebony panther said...

No problems ever here with my windows. Macs are too pricey to deal with & way too hipster here in the States. I know a lot of people who swear by their Macs but for me, the closest I'll ever come to the Cult of Mac is my IPod Touch.
And what, no details on the skype call?! Details, sexy. We need details!!! Any guy who gets a woman off 3 times is worth his salt.

Malcolm said...

It's fashionable to hate Windows (perhaps just envy cos they have made such a lot of money?) but I see little to hate about it (especially since it can be downloaded free from piratebay or some other site). It works OK for me, and since it is far more popular than Mac, finding fixes is easy.

As to the key popping off, glue it on again with a little epoxy glue.

You need to go to a different dealer next time, here if a dealer started quibbling about whether it "came like that", they would soon have only a few customers left. The dealer is the one with whom you have the sales contract, not Apple, so it's the dealer who has to fix it - free since you have had no use from it yet.

And I'm going to make one more suggestion: next time, get a windows machine and be happy with it instead of hating it.

Cande said...

Advizor: You're right about the sports car bit..and apple ripping me off for parts. But I don't love them because they are prettier. I love them because I think they work better. ;-)

Sin: I might try if they don't want to cover it on their warranty... we'll see, thanks for the tip. I hadn't even thought of it.

Johanna: It has been a very intense phase. I hope it follows through.. got 1 month left!

Panther: I swear by mine because it's just less hassle. So the hardware can be a pain, but the machine doesn't freeze up or keep wanting to spend its time doing virus checks. And I might still give details....

Malcom: I had a windows pc for years, I've used both computers extensively. To me it's not a popularity thing. It's just the way the thing works. Have you ever tried to reinstall windows on a pc and on a mac? it's a 100 times easier on a mac, Install a program or disinstall it, you can throw it in the garbage bin and it's gone, viruses... what are those? and so many more advantages, like programs can all be free basically or pirated... but I'll stop here.

As for the key we'll see if gluing it back on is an option when they check into the problem for me.

You're absolutely right about the store. I should have insisted more on having them take it back. Stores here in this country tend to be like that, 0 customer service.

Advizor54 said...

I think the virus argument is your best one, and, if my dad dropped a Mac in my lap I'd make the switch in a heart beat, just like, to be honest, I really do want a sports car.

Nick said...

First time reading your blog but perspective from someone who uses macs and PCs and has way too many of each.

Apple warranty is very good indeed. Take it back in to an Apple store. If it's in warranty you will get it fixed, possibly replaced. My gf had a MacBook, it was just out of warranty I of the dogs managed to splash water on the screen , it dribbled down and screwed up the display. A vertical line developed there. It went in to the store to find out how much it would cost to replace. It was a lot of money but they actually replaced it for free, I didn't even need to bang the table.

Try doing that with a £400 generic windows laptop. You are paying for this customer service, it's crazy not to use it.