Monday, April 25, 2011

wanderings of the mind and body

Things with bf haven't ironed out completely... We went out the Friday night with some friends. I got really tipsy and tried to convince bf to come to another bar with me on our way home. We were laughing and joking, until I took the leap to head off on the road towards the pub, hoping that he'd follow, but he didn't. He went straight... I ended up walking full circle to meet back up with bf who was waiting for me at the next intersection. We didn't talk after that.

We've barely been talking since then.

On a separate note Andy seems to be a new character in the posts these days. He's now on my FB friends list. He sent me a message on Saturday asking me if I was going to a local(ish) club. When I answered that I couldn't, (I didn't want to cause any more probs with bf), he asked me if it was because I was busy or because I didn't have a ride.

This evening he posted a comment on one of my fb pictures, it said "the one..." in English.
From that we ended up sending a few emails back and forth. Nothing interesting really, except the explanation of his comment, which was that it was his favourite picture of me...

I talked to Rob on Friday as well. I've been working on a translation so I was able to chat with him while bf was around. And he had me all hot and bothered without being able to touch. It was, obviously the ultimate tease. I then caught him again on Saturday, this time with voice. We just talked. It's nice to talk and not worry about getting naked.... as much as I wanted to....there wasn't a lot of time.

I have been a bit on edge too, I've bought my train tickets to head out to see Rob. And I talked to my friend in London who was freaking me out about being able to get into London in time for the concert. She thinks that something "could happen" and that I should try to get in a day ahead (!?!) But I'm going to try to get into town for 2ish, the concert is at 8... she wants to be there by 7:30 at the latest... and I need to drop my bags at the hotel. I just don't want to have to rush the morning with Rob... if he comes.


Michael said...

mmmm ... no resolution, but more things to consider

Advizor54 said...

i don't know the london trains, but it seems like you have plenty of time. tell your friend to relax and enjoy the time whether with rob or not.

and Andy? Don't tease him too much, it's driven lesser men crazy....

ebony panther said...

Keep the faith. Things have a way of working out the way they should.