Monday, April 11, 2011

The Concert

Ahhh the concert... ha... well my doubts were indeed founded.

I got to the club at 9, the concert was supposed to start at 9:30, but since it was in a nearby town I'd never been to and I had no idea where the place was I left a little early. I found parking immediately. The place was practically empty, so I got myself a virgin cocktail (I don't drink and drive) and I waited. And waited. And waited. When 9:30 came round I figured Co-worker and his friend would be there by then, so I texted him. After 5 minutes he called, from someone else's phone to tell me they'd be there in 30 minutes and asked if the concert had started. I told him the concert hadn't started and I figured that it wouldn't start before 10. He said, ok we'll see you "around", when we get there.

Strange, I thought... "we'll see you around" is an odd way of putting things.

Anyhow by 10 o'clock the place was pretty full and I still hadn't caught a glimpse of Co-worker, so I decided to head over to the bar and grab a bottle of water. Sure enough he was there with his friend. In black a leather jacket a black shirt that buttoned at the neck and he obviously had it open a little too low down to his sternum. Damn.... I couldn't help but stare at times. His friend wasn't bad either. He presented me his friend and Co-worker asked if I was able to convince anyone else to come.... and well the conversation went on. Then this woman with a mass of micro-braided hair that seemed to be standing with a group of other women started to turn around and Co-worker said: "oh, you remember...Maybe you didn't recognize her with her hair like this." She turned around and it was his gf... lol..

I wasn't in the least surprised. I was expecting it almost. I should have asked him if she was going. But once I ask it sounds like I'm interested in going and then if I don't go it would have looked like I didn't want to go because his gf was going to be there... sooo anyhow I was right.

Apart from that it was a pleasantish evening. They didn't abandon me luckily.

The concert didn't start until 11, and then the singer did a 45 minute concert. So I waited for it to start longer than the concert lasted. I wasn't too keen on the music, but not many others were either. The singer was a good singer but nothing terribly interesting.

I think that it was probably a good thing that his gf was there. I saw other people I knew quite well at the concert. Including a friend of both bf and mine. So it would have been extremely risky.

I was also surprised at how much attention Co-worker dedicated to me during the concert. He didn't talk to his gf much, she seemed to be flirting with Co-worker's friend a little too... We talked about the instruments on stage and the music and the singer. There was no touching... none. Not like at work, where it's constant. But the attention was there. And I caught his gf eyeing me at one point while we were talking. It was just a "what are they doing" kind of look.

I like his gf, she's really nice. She's also very very pretty.

I think I will have to re-evaluate my expectations with Co-worker. The flirting will continue, but probably not for anything more.


John said...

Well sorry it didn't work out but at least you know where you stand with him now. Think of him as flirting practice for the next more willing candidate ;)

Johanna said...

I think the fact that there was no touching, whereas there's a lot at work, is very telling though... he obviously knows exactly what he's doing at work. Of course it's still impossible to say how far he'd like to take it if he had the opportunity, but that goes for you as well, no...? I'd say you're not much the wiser now than you were before the concert. Also you have no idea if he wanted to bring his girlfriend, or if she insisted on going. To be continued...

That Girl said...

awww :(

ebony panther said...

He definitely knows what he's doing at work if he touches you a lot there but didn't even try at the concert. I suspect it's probably just a flirting situation where he dare not take it any further. I say keep flirting & on to the next one.