Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Haven't heard from the "Italian" yet... I suppose that's a good thing :D

Co-worker was a little more concentrated on me today. He's back to his flirty self. I have to admit that Monday and Tuesday there was the "other girl" there, the tall blond one that comes to work with us on occasion. She distracts him a little so I don't get the full blow of his flirting I guess. Even if I must say that yesterday he spent a lot of time with me.

Today though he was kinda all over the place. He kept patting me on the head. Looking to see what I was doing... looking at me and feeling sorry for me (I'm working on something that is driving me crazy), telling me to go away (jokingly) and then calling me back again, staring me down... and the list goes on.

The one thing that was almost inappropriate was when one of my female co-workers asked me what size I wore.  It's an Italian size 38 (sometimes 36... that's somewhere around an American size 0-1) and I went looking for the size of my jeans on the tags inside. I undid my belt and co-worker was there saying "pull em down... go on, further, take em off"... I don't blame him, I loved the attention too. But gotta admit that it wasn't the best thing to do in front of my co-workers... Then again I probably should't have been looking for my tags at work either.

Ahh well, the joys of um... flirting I guess.

I haven't heard from Rob in ages. Probably since last week sometime... I think it was Thursday and even then it was a text message that just said "slut". before that I think the last time I'd heard from him was just when I wrote the "Last night" post.

I took all the pics for HNT and have them sitting there in my hidden file, but I haven't had time to go through them yet and decide which ones to use. I hope to get some time this afternoon, if not this evening to get that done and get the post set up for tomorrow. I have a translation to do this afternoon, I might be able to hide in the bedroom or something to work on it and do it then...


Advizor54 said...

Send the HNT pictures to me and I'll look at all of them very closely and help you pick which one to use...


Anonymous said...

so I discovered you on Johanna's blog...and I do believe I could learn to like you :) you can find me on yahoo as windowshopper72....

Cande said...

Anon: I'm glad you found my blog... I don't have Yahoo. sorry.