Wednesday, April 20, 2011

co-worker today

Co-worker and I had moments alone today at work. We talked about how drunk I was, because he said that they were practically sober (I doubt it after 4 or 5 rounds of tequila and a beer, but who knows), and I said, that I had been fully lucid the whole evening and that I remembered everything. And he asked "so you were responsible for all of your actions?" and obviously I answered yes.

He is also very good at asking me offhanded and somewhat cryptic questions that are related to what's going on. He seems to be very observational. He asked if my mindset was any better today, and I said that it was. I said though that things may not be as they should be and he said the mysterious sentence: "don't drag anyone else into it". I'm guessing he's talking about himself... or perhaps Andy... but most likely himself.

but he's right, it wouldn't be fair.... I need to back off... although... he's the one who started it. (do I sound like I'm in kindergarten? lol)

Oh, and when I asked him if I could catch a ride to our lunch hole, he said "no you're dangerous". And I answered "not as dangerous as you" but he just said "what?" pretending not to understand.

When we got into his car to go to lunch, there was this stage prop of an arm in his back seat, and I said... "now what the heck is that?"... and he took it and said "I do this..." as he pretended to rub the back of my neck.

I made no further comments apart from my shying away from the horrid thing and laughing.

I think I got the hint though... in fact he has, over the past few days at work... not done any of the flirting he used to do. We'll see how things progress I suppose.


Advizor54 said...

He's just nervous around the pretty girl who might like him. Play it cool, he'll warm back up.

Johanna said...

Of course he's nervous. It's getting real. He has to muster up courage now that he knows the flirting is not just an innocent game any more but might actually lead somewhere.

ebony panther said...

I agree with both Advizor & Johanna.

Ethan Lambert said...

As long as he's not one of these jerky guys who passes judgement when the attached girl they're flirting with takes things to another level, I'm going two agree with the wisdom of the duo above :-)