Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend is over...

Weekend went well. Weather was decidedly sunny and hot. I'd say beach weather, but I didn't go to the beach. Could have on Sunday but opted to stay out on my own balcony. I pulled my bikinis out of the closet, two brand new bikinis that I didn't get a chance to try out last year. I got them on sale at the end of season sales. One black one with little silver beads on the bikini top. The other is orange and yellow, with a gold shimmer to it. It's mini plaid, with gold metal accents here and there.

I pulled them out and tried them on making sure I still fit into them and thought that they looked decent. Took some pictures and got off. lol... will think about getting them up for HNT this week.

I had dinner with friends on Friday (the same one I mentioned in the last post) it went well, didn't make dessert, but they brought some so it was cool. Then I had people over Saturday too to get rid of the leftovers. I was exhausted all day Saturday and Sunday, slept a lot, read a lot... and had a relatively nice Monday (like work). But I ended up with another tummy ache this afternoon and ended up coming home early, when I'd have preferred to stay on with Co-worker.

Plus there's another cute client this week. He has already showed a little more interest than the German guy from the last group, although he's a bit older and has already asked if I was married to an Italian.

When Co-worker saw me heading out this afternoon he said "aww where are you going? I wanna go too, let's go to the beach and have a drink of white wine together".... riiight with my tummy hurting as much as it was... the idea just made me cringe, but honestly I realised how easy it was to say something like that and be taken seriously.... will have to work on that. Yep yep... work on getting out together for drinks....

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