Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Concert pt. I

It was so dark that the only thing visible was a faint light radiating from the stage. The music hadn't started yet but the musicians were on stage. This was one of her favourite bands their music was sensual and encompassing. With a rhythm you could feel in your heart, a rhythm that mimicked the pulsing of blood through veins.

She dressed appropriately for the occasion: a tight backless tank top held together with criss crossing spaghetti straps at the back, no bra, a skirt, schoolgirl style with pleats. Not too short, but short enough.

She wove her way in between the people in the crowd. Making her way towards the stage. It was still dark and the musicians were starting their first song, but the lights were growing stronger, she could see better. She was thankful.

When she found him, she knew right away he was the one. He was standing alone, clearly no one was with him. He didn't see her, he was too concentrated on the stage, tense, bolt straight and staring straight ahead. He was good looking, lean and the perfect height.

The music was slowly getting stronger, heavier and he was being influenced by it. Loosening up, shoulders relaxed, hands in pockets, head moving to the rhythm.

She squeezed through the last few people to get closer to him, and she placed herself in front of him. people were getting more excited, pressing to get closer to the stage, as she had anticipated. They were forced together, almost touching. She could feel his breath on the back of her head, moving her hair slightly. He still didn't seem to notice her there, but she was highly tuned to him. She could feel his every movement affecting the air around her.

She waited patiently, enjoying the music. Then it started, her favourite song. She leaned back ever so slightly, her skirt brushing his shorts. This called his attention, he was obviously aware of her presence. His gaze moved down from the stage to her, but she wasn't looking back towards him. She moved her head slightly as if to look at something far right, just to give him a glimpse of her profile.

He stood still. He was aware of her now, that's what she wanted. The song continued it's heavy base and it got louder, heavier and coming to a climax. She moved to the music, hips pumping, arms above her head and she consciously moved her self back towards him, grinding against his hips. He didn't move, It was a good sign. He hadn't moved away. The next song started, and again she moved back towards him, grinding harder this time, and this time he made his move.

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Gray said...

Ooooh HOT! I want to hear more..;)