Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Official pt. I

There are two things of note I want to mention today. I will break the two topics into two posts.

The first I should mention is that A and I made up. It was much different than our usual arguments. He's getting good at making up. It used to be that the arguments would drag on for days, weeks or even a month. Not talking to each other. I think I have changed too. I used to hold a grudge. I didn't this time. I was also open to suggestions I suppose. A woke me up the other day and just got me wet, wanting, and then he spanked me. When he came (because I didn't for some reason), he kissed me and said, "sei stata un pò cattiva con me, eh?"- "you were a bit mean with me, weren't you?" and I nodded.

This then led to more sex yesterday. It was amazing. It started on the couch, with the patio doors open, it was really hot outside and in, humid, and overcast, it was starting to drizzle. We tried many positions before I settled on top of him, which is the only way I can get off. I have become intensely aware of my body and sensations recently. It was the research I have done on finding my G-spot. His cock was definitely rubbing against it. It was so hot that it was hard to concentrate on cumming. But then he inserted a finger deep inside my ass and that brought me immediately back to reasoning. I could feel it building, his cock rubbing in just the right spot, I held him tight so that it didn't move a millimeter. We both came almost in unison, and with that a massive downpour outside with lightning and thunder, a true tropical storm. Our climaxes boomed with the storm, I moaned loudly. It was crazy.
I jumped up, the rain was beating down into the house, I scrambled to shut the doors and felt the cold rain on my legs.
I ran to the bathroom for my ritual pee and then grabbed my bathing suit and threw myself into the storm. Letting it wash the heat away, I had felt like I was going to catching fire.


Anonymous said...

cool blog

dark snow said...

sex after making up is always good huh..

Cande said...

Eternal: Thanks!

Dark Snow: I think it may in reality be the first time in 11 years that we have had true make up sex. It was good.

Leonhart said...

He must know you well enough to know you like a finger up your ass. . . and not only that, but exactly when you needed it!

Cande said...

Leonhart. Indeed. That is a perk of having sex with the same person for 11 years!