Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A List

What turns me on.

-Holding a stranger's gaze sends a wave of butterflies into my stomach.
-a touch on the neck.
-a brush of a strand of hair.
-a massage
-a tease
-slow deep kissing
-watching people draw
-tight clothes
-the heat
-short skirts
-sucking nipples
-sucking cock
-tasting myself
-tasting sweat
-erotic dancers
-high heels
-anything in any hole
-back and spine
-rips in jeans
-more teasing
-did I mention teasing?


BlueEyes69 said...

Yes, yes, and YES!!!!

Gray said...

Love the list!!

Rick said...

love the list..

I think you did mention teasing, yes. but perhaps you should give us some examples...


Leonhart said...

I'm with you on the teasing. Tease me to the brink of torture - so long as it's done well it can be more intense than the eventual release.

Cande said...

BlueEyes: YES!!

Gray: lists are fun. I think I'll make some more;)

Rick: good suggestion, I'll write a new post a teasing list... hmmm thanks!

Leonhart: yes I totally agree. It's possibly the best part. I need to figure out how to explain that to my bf.