Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm finally back.

We had a very nice holiday. It was four days of almost total and utter isolation camping. No running water or bathrooms, just the sea, a tent and some other people around... haha, Europe is crowded, you're never alone.

The next 6 days were spent in a tiny fishing village on the coast of Croatia, It was super small not even an internet cafe. So alas no internet.

I got to a larger town on Thursday and published the scheduled posts that didn't post for a reason I understood and kicked myself for later. I had been using the European date system and not the American one. So I had the month where the day should be and vice versa.

I got to swim with a wild dolphin, he didn't come too close, but I managed to get a good look at him with my mask for about 5 minutes as he swam about playing with fish. He didn't look too hungry, he was just chasing them around. It was probably the most spectacular part of my trip.

The sunsets were amazing I'll have a pic or two to show if it's not too boring.

It's nice to be back. I did miss everyone here and Rob... but I survived ;)


BlueEyes69 said...

Welcome back!

Gray said...

Glad to see you are back and that you had a grand time!! Can't wait to see the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

glad to see you back. Yes, I would love to see the pictures.... all of you.. and Croatia LOL