Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sex in alternative places.

I've got a crush on lists at the moment so I'm going to write a list of places I've had sex and done other sexual acts.

-I gave an over the jeans hand job in a church once.
-Had sex in a forest, on the ground. Not comfortable.
-Had sex on a tropical beach at night. Sand gets everywhere and chafes, not to mention the sand flies that ate me alive, not fun.
-Had sex on a total stranger's boat, he wasn't there, we sneaked on to the deck.
-Had sex in my mother's garage.
-Had sex on a table (various times)
-Had sex on a beach in public, during the day, with beach towel, less sand chafing.
-Had sex in a car (various times) generally not a comfy thing.
-Had sex in the sea.
-Had sex in a rubber row boat
-Had sex in a wildlife watch tower.
-Had sex on a wooden dock at night, with falling stars, (it would have been romantic if the guy hadn't been such a jerk).

I think that's it... how boring is that? haha
I think I need to write another list of where I'd like to have sex.

-On a plane
-On a dryer or washing machine during the spin cycle.
-In a church, in the confessional
-in a garage up against a car.
-Any place public
-A castle
-An elevator
-In a room full of mirrors
-At a concert
-In an orgy
...I'm not feeling very imaginative today...

Any suggestions?

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BlueEyes69 said...

Mountain streams are AWESOME! -- cool water, hot bod against you/in you, fresh air ... You HAVE to try it! Also, if you date athletes, the field where they do what they do is a good time!!!