Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Official pt. II

Last night I got the chance to talk to Rob. It was a long chat, from about midnight to 4 am. After the first hour it was like 20 questions. I have so many things I want to know. So I just started asking. There wasn't a specific topic, just random things from favourite places to drugs to movies. I learned that he is a perfectionist. I like that, I tend to be too in many things.

While talking about feelings he mentioned being horny. I wanted to help him, and we started talking dirty, about what he'd like me to do. It was another game. I couldn't make statements, just questions. He wanted me on the floor in front of him sucking his cock, talking slutty to him while he was on the couch. Telling him that I liked how big his cock was, how hard it was, how much I loved it, all while looking into his eyes, and finally telling him, not asking him, to cum for me.

As soon as the one-word-mind-fuck conversation climaxed he told me that he needed to have sex with me. I mirrored the message and he finally said that the only way was for him to fuck me. so that I could find out what he's like, then maybe I'd get over it.
I'm not sure I would.
how long do you want to wait? He asked
To do what?
To fuck me.
I didn't need to think, I answered: as little as possible if you just say the word.
Then there was a pause. I held my breath.
"when can you come over again?"
My heart skipped a few beats.
I told him: as soon as I can find a flight, as soon as I have week off from work, as soon as you want me to.
He said that he might want to make me wait till next year.
I don't mind I can wait.
He mentioned a cold, wet season. And when I asked why, he said so that we could spend a weekend inside, just fucking.

I feel calmer now. The not knowing if he wanted me to come or not was slowly getting to me.

He was still horny. So we decided to turn on the cams. I almost fell over. He was looking gorgeous. A black v neck long sleeve shirt, and a pair of khaki bermuda shorts, and what seemed to be a very clean shave. He climbed onto the armrest of the couch and proceeded to pull his cock out. Just watching him reach into his boxers took my breath away. It's huge. I've seen it before, don't get me wrong, but this time was somehow different. I could see it better in perspective to his body. He was beautiful. I could have sat and watched him until morning.

He brought himself to orgasm for me, while I watched in awe with a beautiful close up of the whole event.


Gray said...

Hmm sounds like things are getting back to normal for you!! :)

Cande said...

oh, yes, absolutely!