Monday, August 24, 2009

Sucking the Bucket

Bladder infections suck the bucket.

I got one late last night. I drank 4 litres of water in about 2 hours along with a much cherished carton of cranberry juice (we can't get it here, it's rare). I thought it was done, over, cleared up. I woke up this morning feeling horrible and went to work anyhow. For some reason I almost lost my voice this morning, which is a problem, if I don't have a voice I don't work. Went home and realized I had a low fever, I downed another 4 litres of water and an antibiotic.

I'm starting to feel better. My head is still aching, but fever seems to be down again.

I wish I could play. I'm still horny, I just can't play. :(

On the up side I caught Rob on line today. It was short but fun. I told him that I wanted to play a new game on line. It's a surprise and I'll definitely be posting about it as soon as it happens.
I joked about us hitting new levels when we cyber on line, like a game. He mentioned that the next level was the hardest. It's the level where we really fuck.
Is he up for it? Yes.


Soul Powers said...

Poor baby! I hope you feel better soon, Cande!

Gray said...

Awee.. I hope you feel better too! That sucks:(

Cande said...

Aww thanks guys!! I'm already starting to feel better. It's the headache that won't go away now. But it shouldn't last too much longer!

Brad said...

A gorgeous woman once told an equally amazing guy that, " Headaches are nothing but pending orgasms "