Friday, August 14, 2009

The Concert pt. II

His hands slid over her waist, pulling her towards him, pressing her against himself. She could feel him grow and shift under the layers of skirt and shorts. His breath was closer now, she could feel it on her neck and knowing he could probably hear, she moaned in delight of the feeling growing behind her.

His hands started to wander over her body, exploring her ribs, and hips. Adventuring over her back and spine. Brushing over her neck, moving her hair from her shoulder. Her hands were over her head again, giving him the opening to run his hands down her arms and over her breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect, he could feel them through the thin fabric of the tank.

He moved his hands towards the back of her tank again, playing with the string, sliding his hands in between and finally around the sides to her breasts. She wanted more, she guided his hands to her nipples and helped him pinch her. Her head moved back, and she groaned to him.

His hands moved away slowly, teasing her a little, flicking her nipples as he left. They slid down, over her hips, and down to her bare thighs, from the sides around to the front, just under the hem of her skirt. He pulled hard, ramming himself into her grinding into her skirt making it lift slightly. She could feel he was harder now, she could feel his size, and bulk. It pressed in between her cheeks and she was already dripping. Her thong slippery wet. Her hand moved down to meet his, sliding down his forearm feeling his heat. And again she guided him to her wet thong. She moved his fingers over it, letting him feel how wet the thin material was. And this time she could hear him let out a moan of pleasure.

She let go of his hand. She gave him his freedom. Under her skirt, one hand on the side of her ass, pulling her towards him, the other where she left it, planted in the wet fabric, moving slowly to the rhythm of the music over her clit. Her skirt was lifted on either sides but the pleats allowed it to fall both front and back, leaving little to see for people who might glance.

His hand moved from her clit towards the back, she could feel him searching for the string in between her cheeks. He found it and ran his finger under it, pulling it out of her perfect crack. His finger made its way back down to her wetness and she arched her back ever so slightly, giving him more.

his finger hooked around the thong, prodded her wetness, gliding with ease over her clit, around her lips and deep inside her making her shiver. He moved in time with the music, pumping her slowly but deep. His other hand was wrapped around her ribs, pressing her against his chest. His face was planted in her hair, cradled in her neck, and he moaned "I want you" into her ear.
She nodded her head turning her face towards his and said "I want you inside me".


Gray said...

woah, I am liking this one.:)

Advizor said...

A wonderful chapter.... can't wait for part III